TeamsFixturesTournament tableSeason 2023

G - played games,
W - won,
D - drawn,
L - lost,
GF-GA - goals for / goals against,
GD - goal difference,
P - points

Teams Places are determined by the higher number of points scored in all matches of the CFU Prime-League Championship. In case of equal on points, the following criteria are applied in the order given to determine their rankings:

- by the results of the matches between the teams (number of points, number of wins, goal difference, numbers of goals for);
- higher number of points obtained in the all played Matches;
- superior goal difference in all Matches;
- higher number of goals scored in all Matches.

If all of these criteria are equal, the Teams` places are determined by the best average rating of the Fair Play competitions according to the CFU Prime-League Championship results.