The department is a permanent collegial CFU (with special status) body for the competitions conduct.

The department acts its functions independently, within the limits established by the CFU (with special status) Charter, regulations of the Department and others acts of the organization.

Scope of the Information activities department include:

  • Interaction with municipal, regional, federal and foreign media, their regular and timely information provision about the CFU activity;
  • Organization and conduction of press conferences, media tours, online meetings, briefings within the framework of the CFU activity; information support of above mentioned events;
  • Accreditation of journalists and media, covering the CFU activity;
  • Preparing press release, press announcement and information analysis references about the CFU activity;
  • Official information publication, articles and other materials about the CFU activity in media;
  • Information support of CFU official web-site, CFU official social pages support;
  • Monitoring of information field and social opinion regarding the CFU activity by social, marketing and others research ways;
  • Photo and video materials collection, the formation of the CFU information archive;
  • Development, adoption, implementation of the CFU marketing political area and compliance control of it;
  • Drawing up and support of contracts related to the Department marketing and information activities;
  • Preparing documents and materials to provide the CFU activity;
  • Creation of the image and reputation part of the CFU, depending on the goals and objectives for a definite or long-term period;
  • Organization of the strategy development for carrying out the CFU advertising events.

Head of the department, Press officer


Chernyi Andrei



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