Committee is a permanent collegial CFU (with special status) body.

The Committee acts its functions independently, within the limits established by the CFU (with special status) Charter, Appeal Committee regulation and others acts of the organization.

Committee`s competence:

  • Appeal Committee handle complaints against decisions of the CFU Disciplinary Committee, except when the decision cannot be appealed in accordance with the Regulation.
  • Appeal Committee decisions are obligatory for implementation by all football clubs (teams), participating at the CFU Prime- League Championship (managers, coaches, football players and et al.).
  • Appeal Committee may involve according specialists to its work for consulting.
  • Sessions of the Appeal Committee held as and when required.
  • The organization and providing Appeal Committee activities is charged with the Head, who prepares the materials for the sessions, informs the concerned persons about the date of the matter consideration.
  • Appeal Committee activities accountable to the Crimean football union (with special status) President.

Head of the Committee

Settarov Lenur