Committee is a permanent collegial CFU (with special status) body on competitions conducting.

The Committee acts its functions independently, within the limits established by the CFU (with special status) Charter, Committee regulation and others acts of the organization.

Committee as the CFU (with special status) structural unit which conduct competitions:

  • operational management of competitions;
  • development of competition schedule and Regulations;
  • documents development required for matches conducting;
  • processing of documents, received after the conducted matches, registration of the football matches results;
  • statistical information processing about former competition tour;
  • conducting measures aimed at competitions participants’ formation;
  • conducting registration procedure and documents registration of the CFU (with special status) football clubs in cooperation with Players’ Status Committee for competitions participation;
  • through its representatives participates in work on the regulations documents preparation related to the competitions organization and conduct;
  • takes part in formation of CFU (with special status) Committees and Commissions, related to competitions conduct;
  • participate in work of CFU (with special status) Committees and Commissions related to competitions conduct, through its representatives, according to the procedure established by relevant documents governing of such committees and commissions activities;
  • preparation of competitions results for CFU (with special status) Presidium approval.

Head of the Committee

Zakharchenko Svetlana