Licensing Committee is a permanent collegial CFU (with special status) body on certification of football clubs and infrastructure.

The Committee acts its functions independently, within the limits established by the CFU (with special status) Charter, Committee regulation and others CFU acts.

Scope of the Licensing Committee include:

  • Maintenance of sports facilities register which admitted to conduct the CFU Premier-League Championship.
  • Regulations and legal acts developing.
  • Conducting a set of actions to determinate if football club come up to Regulations demands, criterions and conditions.
  • Control of adherence by football clubs set criteria, requirements and conditions.
  • Applications acceptance for the club Certificate issuance, other documents established by the regulations, as well as its initial consideration.
  • Football clubs’ inspections conducting.
  • Necessary procedures implementation, related to the stadiums certification.
  • Stadiums conformity verification with the stated conditions and requirements.
  • Control of the time limits and progress of elimination of the comments made by Stadiums Licensing Commission.
  • Control of certified sports facilities.

CFU Stadiums Licensing Commission consider an issue of conformity with the stated by CFU conditions and requirements.

Head of the Committee

Gornik Nikolay