Simferopol "Spartak-KT" won the "Graduate Cup – 2018" (PHOTO)

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Photo: Крымский футбольный союз

The final match of Open Cup of the Republic of Crimea ("Graduate Cup – 2018") among youth teams 2001-2002 year of birth was held at "Krymteplitsa" stadium in Agrarnoe urban-type settlement, Simferopol on June 9, 2018. The pupils of the municipal budgetary institution sports school of Olympic reserve "Spartek-KT" (Simferopol) and Specialized school of Olympic reserve (Krasnolesie village) fought for right to become strongest at the decisive duel.

The players of "Spartak-KT" scored three unanswered balls to the opponents’ goal already at the first half of the match: the balls on the asset of Abdurashid Takhirov, Oleg Skvortsov and Danil Zlatogurskogo. The Olympic reserve school managed to win back one goal at second half: Anton Kolchuk distinguished himself. But "spartak" managed again to score (Abdurashid Takhirov made a double) and set final score of the match – 4:1 – victory of "Spartak-KT".

The open Cup of the Republic of Crimea ("Graduate Cup – 2018") was conducted among youth teams 2001-2002 year of birth.

Youth teams of Children and youth’ sports school, Specialized school of Olympic reserve, Sports school of Olympic reserve took part at the tournament, which were participators of Children and Youth’s football League of Crimea, season 2017/2018.