CSKA from Vatutinki settlement – the winner of the second summer tournament "Arena Yevpatoria Cup"

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The second two-day summer tournament "Arena Yevpatoria Cup" was held in Yevpatoriya city from 17 to 18 August, where took part 6 teams of 2008 year of birth. At the tournament fought for the victory Children and youth’s sports school "Yevpatoriya", "Tavriya" (Simferopol city), "Zenit" (St. Petersburg), CSKA (Moscow, Vatutinki settlement), ChFC "Sevastopol" and the Sports school "Saki".

FC CSKA (Vatutinki) celebrated the victory of the tournament according to the results of two days competitions. Silver medals won "Tavriya" from Simferopol, and ChFC "Sevastopol" became bronze medalist.

The victory ceremony of participants was attended by the President of the Crimean football union mr. Iurii Vetokha, the famous football player of Moscow CSKA and the Russian national team mr. Evgeniy Aldonin, the director of the Sports School "Yevpatoriya" mr. Mikhail Andreianov.

A match between the veterans of CSKA Moscow and the team of the FC "Yevpatoriya" administration was held after the awarding ceremony. Evgeniy Aldonin, Oleg Pestriakov played for the CSKA team, and the president of CFU Iurii Vetokha for Yevpatoriya. The match was held in the format of 2 half-time, each for 15 minutes and ended with a score of 12: 9 in favor of the CSKA veterans.

Mr. Iurii Vetokha, President of the Crimean football union:

"First of all, it should be note that the Crimean boys as good as their rivals from the famous children`s schools from the mainland of Russia, such as CSKA or "Zenit". And the summer tournaments "Arena Yevpatoriya Cup" proved it once again.

There were a lot of emotions and struggle on the field. For example, at the match FC CSKA (who won the tournament) and the Sports school "Saki", Crimean boys were ahead during the match 2-0, although at the end they lost a minimum (2:3). We have a wonderful rising generation of players who get a huge competitive experience at such tournaments.

The idea to play a match with the Moscow CSKA veterans appeared spontaneously. We were observing the children`s tournament matches for two days and held a friendly game after the awarding ceremony (two half-time of 15 minutes).  It was especially nice to play with such great masters of football as Evgeniy Aldonin and Oleg Pestriakov. The result is not the main thing at such a match, the impressions and emotions that you get when you are on the same field with the legends of national football are important."