"Gvardeets" – the CFU Cup winner – 2021! (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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Photo: Крымский футбольный союз

The final match of the Crimean football union Cup draw, season – 2021 was in Simferopol on May 9. FC "Yevpatoriya" and "Gvardeets" (Skvortsovo, Simferopol district) met in the decisive duel of the tournament.

All main event in this duel had happened in the second half.

The football players of "Gvardeets" opened the score in the 52nd minute – Dzambolat Khastsaev distinguished himself. Yevpatoriya answered to this by a goal made by Dliaver Nuritdinov, he confidently converted a penalty in the 79th minute. It seemed that match will end in a draw, and teams will show the winner by shootoutseries, but Vladislav Tsoi brought the win to "Gvardeets" in the 5th injury minute – 2:1!

Thus, "Gvardeets" become the winner of the Crimean football union Cup, season – 2021!

The Minister of Sports of the Republic of the Crimea ms Olga Torubarova, vice-chairman of the State council of the Crimea mr Vladimir Bobkov and the CFU president mr Iurii Vetokha took part in solemn ceremony of the teams awarding.


May 9, 2021. Agrarnoe urban type settlement, Simferopol. "Krymteplitsa" stadium. 600 supporters. Pitch quality – 5. Crimean football union Cup (season 2021). The final.
FC "Yevpatoriya" – FC "Gvardeets" (Skvortsovo) – 1:2

FC "Yevpatoriya": Trotskiy, Anufrienko, Pshenichnikov, Aliev, Semenov, Berezov (Pliev, 87), Margiev, Maksimov (Khomich, 70), Udin (Kharchenko, 80), Sidenko, Nuritdinov.
Head coach – Aleksey Grachev.


FC "Gvardeets": Tomaev, Tedeev, Oparin, Kaitov (Kolesnik, 90+4), Fakhrutdinov (Chuninskiy, 59), Chembarov, Dzen (Dugu, 62), Prikhodnoy (Dudov, 69), Zborovskiy, Khastsaev, Tsoi.
Head coach – Vladislav Maltsev.


Goals: Nuritdinov, 79 (penalty) – Khastsaev, 52, Tsoi, 90+5.
Cautions: Nuritdinov, 31, Udin, 59, Berezov, 67, Margiev, 82 – Khastsaev, 17, Kaitov, 22, Dzen, 45+1, Prikhodnoy, 64.

The coach of FC "Gvardeets" Anatoliy Verteletskiy was suspended in the 75th minute (aggressive behavior).
The head coach of FC "Gvardeets" Vladislav Maltsev was cautioned in the 85th minute (unsporting behavior).

Referee – Oleg Lapishko. (Simferopol).