"Chernomorets" from Chistenkoe village won the mini-tournament for 9-16 places

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Photo: Макс Наплёков

The final matches of the futsal "Arsenal League of Crimea" took place in the first division of mini-tournament for 9-16 places, on Saturday, April 6. The battle of "golden mean" won "Chernomorets" from Chistenkoe village showing will-to-win spirit, our congratulations!


The First league. Mini-tournament for 9-16 places

"Strela" – "Chernomorets" (Chistenkoe) – 3:4

Goals: Solodiannikov, 6, Koposov, 7, Udodov, 26 – Vlasenko, 5, 32, Turenko, 8, Aleksander Goncharenko, 24.

The team from Chistenkoe village managed to tear out victory from Sevastopol in an equal game. The goal of Vladimir Vlasenko was decider, scored in the middle of the second half.

"Stroialians" – "Genbank" – 3:2

Goals: Fedorov, 12, Pavlov, 19, Starodub, 28 – Smolin, 30, Pervakov, 33.

At this game prevailed strain until the final whistle. "Stroialians" played without substitutions an at the second half seriously sink in the scale, the opponent began to close the gap but in the end lost in one ball.

"Chernomorets" (Chistenkoe) – "Continent" – 5:3

Goals: Vlasenko, 10, 39, Grunin, 24, Aleksander Goncharenko, 26, Veligodskiy, 40 – Sargsian, 5, Kalitiuk, 24, Zheltov, 33.

Nonsimple Victoria of "Chernomorets" at the last minutes of the meeting. The team of Vladimir Turenko tried not for nothing, as reward they got first place at the mini-tournament and the final 9th place of the first division championship.

"Genbank" – "Strela"- 5:9

Goals: Kuplenyi, 17, 30, Smolin, 34, 38, Shkumat, 37 – Malikov, 5, 27, Solodiannikov, 12, 16, 24, Koposov, 26, 35, Malyi, 31, Shcherbachenko, 39.

Outsiders of the mini-tournament enjoyed themselves of intramural duel, at the same time Sevastopol’s team recorded in the asset a victory. Vladislav Solodiannikov has a hat-trick on his account.

"Continent" – "Krymskiy Titan" (Crimean Titan) – 4:6

Goals: Kalitiuk, 24, Abramov, 28, Sargsian, 30, Derevenskiy, 38 – Ivan Litvinenko, 7, Shestakov, 8, 13, 36, Teliatnik, 12, 37.

It seems after the halftime "Krymskiy Titan" begun already to celebrate the win after the first half 4-0, but rival used the moment and closed the gap to a minimum by the 30th minute. It was necessary for the Armyansk team to turn on the moral and strong-willed qualities and on this time, it worked out. Eduard Shestakov has a hat-trick on his account.

"Krymskiy Titan"- "Kalamita" – 3:3

Goals: Shestakov, 8, 29, 36 – Volchkov, 25, Tuktarov, 35, Khaisanov, 40.

"Krymskiy Titan" walk twice into the same water. But the rival was more experienced this time – at the end a draw. Even another hat-trick of Shestakov did not help. The match hero – Vadim Khaisanov goalkeeper from Nikolaevka urban-type settlement who closed the gap at the nick of time. "Kalamita" – 10th in the final championship tournament table of the first division, "Krymskiy Titan" – 11th.

Since "TI-ART-Avangard" from Sevastopol did not show up on the matches of the final tour, "Kalamita" and "Stroialians" won the forfeit match (5: 0). "TI-ART-Avangard" suspend from the competition.

The final teams position (all held for 7 matches): 9. "Chernomorets" (Chistenkoe) – 16 points, 10. "Kalamita"- 14, 11. "Krymskiy Titan" – 12, 12. "Stroialians"- 12, 13. "Continent" – 10, 14. "Strela" – 4, 15. "Genbank" – 1.