"Ronda" from Molodezhnoe urban type settlement – the winner of the First division of the futsal "Arsenal League of Crimea" (PHOTO)

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Photo: Макс Наплёков

Matches of the futsal "Arsenal League of Crimea" took place in the First division of mini-tournament for 1-8 places on Sunday, May 7.

Small gold medals went to the "Ronda" team of Molodezhnoe urban type settlement. "Chernomorets" from Chernomorskoe city won "silver" and promote together with Sergey Makarovich team (to the major league). "Bronze" – at the team of Simferopol "Alye parusa – Satera".

"Grand" from the Rovnoe village Krasnogvardeyskoe district is one of the main season favorites did not show up for the final tour matches and thus automatically excluded himself from the competition participants. According to unofficial information, the club management decided to dismiss the "Grand" team after the Saturday defeat in the big football championship of Krasnogvardeyskoe district.


The First league. Mini-tournament for 1-8 places

"Ronda" – "Adalet" – 3:0

Photo: Макс Наплёков

Goals: Cherevko, 14, Dianov, 19, Lukianov, 25.

Deserved win of "Ronda". Let`s give credit to "Adalet" – the team of Bekir Teifukov tried very hard, but the opponent class was higher.

"Shuravi" – Team of the Krasnogvardeiskoe district – 3:5

Photo: Макс Наплёков

Goals: Svetlov, 3, 30, Romanenko, 15 – Usta, 4, 39, Mironchuk, 9, 18, Ozerov, 35.

Team of the Krasnogvardeiskoe got an ahead position for the first time of the match only at the end of the first half, and did not missed their advantages after the half-time.

"Chernomorets" (Chernomorskoe city) – "Ronda" – 1:2

Photo: Макс Наплёков

Goals: Zavaliy, 30 – Dotsenko, 2, Kachmazov, 35.

The duel meet of the mini-tournament leaders as it expected was a battle. Ivan Dotsenko from Molodezhnoe urban type settlement hit the goal of Aleksey Artem already by the 2nd minute. The minimal score held out until the middle of the second half, than Artem Zavaliy from "Chernomorets" restored balance. But "Ronda" managed to snatch a victory thanks to the goal of Aleksander Kachmazov by the 35th minute and, as the First league championship winner gained the small gold medals of the season-2016/17.

"Adalet" – "Shuravi" – 2:6

Photo: Макс Наплёков

Goals: Tair Azizov, 15, Memet Azizov, 23 – Svetlov, 2, 22, 32, 40, Solovei, 18, 37.

Daniil Svetlov`s poker provided a win the Nizhnegorskiy team in a very difficult confrontation with "Adalet" team.

Team of the Krasnogvardeiskoe district – "Alye parusa – Satera"- 2:3

Photo: Макс Наплёков

Goals: Pavlov, 14, Podash, 40 – Abibulaev, 3, Barinov, 15, 40.

Outcome of this match came at the nick of time: Mikhail Barinov brought victory for the "Alye parusa – Satera".

"Grand" – "Chernomorets" (Chernomorskoe city) – 0:5

As already above mentioned, "Grand" did not show up for the final tour matches. Thus "Chernomorets" not only won the forfeit match, but also became a silver medalist of the First league championship and got a ticket for the next season to the "major league".

"Alye parusa – Satera" – "Profi" – 7:3

Photo: Макс Наплёков

Goals: Barinov, 2, 37, Belik, 11, Achilov, 13, Abibulaev, 17, Furs, 30, Protasenia, 33, own goal – Dzhemilev, 17, Doroshenko, 30, Chuprov, 40.

Confident win of "Alye parusa – Satera" provided them "bronze" of the season.

"Profi" – "Grand" – 5:0

"Profi" won the forfeit match.

The final teams position (all conducted for 7 games): 1. "Ronda" – 19 points, 2. "Chernomorets" (Chernomorskoe city)- 13, 3. "Alye parusa – Satera"- 12, 4. "Profi" – 7, 5. "Shuravi" – 7, 6. Team of the Krasnogvardeiskoe district - 7, 7. "Adalet" – 4.