"Palagris" from Simferopol became a champion at the Second division of the futsal "Arsenal League of Crimea"

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Photo: Макс Наплёков

Competitions of the Second division of the futsal "Arsenal League of Crimea" came to an end on Sunday, May 7. "Palagris" from Simferopol city became a winner of the final round. The team has the "gold" of the Second League. "Silver" went to "Inter-Frutmotiv" Sevastopol city, "bronze" – "Fidel" from Simferopol.

The capital`s "Neapol Skifskiy" (Naples Scythian) took the 4th plays and get the ticket to the First division together with the first three teams.


The Second League. Final round

"Neapol Skifskiy" – "Fidel" – 6:4

Goals: Dzheliev, 10, Dmitrovskiy, 13, 17, 33, Skibitskiy, 25, Litvinchuk, 30 – Sechin, 3, Dmitriy Litvinenko, 5, 11, Rustem Dzhemilev, 38.

"Neapol" team put the squeeze on tired "Fidel" at second half. The players’ bench has a great importance in futsal, and when it is empty – well excuse me, but the main line-up has to sweat tier’s guts out "for that absent guy" and the forces are not infinity.

"Fidel" – "Oniks-2" – 4:8

Goals: Trutaev, 2, Rustem Dzhemilev, 15, 17, Gorbunov, 40 – Sunitskiy, 10, 12, 14, Tsybulin, 16, 30, Unanian, 24, Chernetskiy, 37, Chess, 39.

The second defeat of "Fidel" for the day. Fortunately, team scored points during previous tours, as it later turned out, it was enough to win the "bronze" and to go to the First League.

"Palagris" – "Inter-Frutmotiv" – 6:5

Goals: Marushchak, 5, 10, 35, 39, Gertsen, 27, 28 – Iashchenko, 12, Bondaletov, 15, Dukhevich, 17, 26, 35.

The "Palagris" ensured them self with champion title at the Second division by difficult victory over the main competitor at the final round.

MES (Ministry of Emergency Situations) – "Neapol Skifskiy" – 2:1

Goals: Alekseev, 20, 25 – Tokarov, 12.

The double of Evgeniy Alekseev brought the "Rescuers" a long-awaited victory at the final stage of the competition. But as it later turned out, "Neapol Skifskiy" got the ticket to the First division, who held fourth position according to goal difference (MES and "Oniks-2", had worse results).

"Oniks-2" – "Inter-Frutmotiv" – 3:7

Goals: Tsybulin (2), Unanian-Chasnyk (2), Bondaletov (2), Lebedovskiy (2), Dukhevich.

This Victoria brought "Inter-Frutmotiv" not only a ticket to the First League, but also silver medals of the Second division season. "Fidel" scored the same points (7) but has worse goal difference.

MES – "Palagris" – 3:8

Goals: Murchich (2), Vatolin – Marushchak (3), Gertsen (2), Takhtasyz (2), Malyshev.

Champion’s "cherry" from "Palagris".

The final teams position (all conducted for 5 games): 1. "Palagris" – 12 points, 2. "Inter-Frutmotiv" – 7, 3. "Fidel" – 7, 4. "Neapol Skifskiy"- 6, 5. "Oniks-2"- 6, 6. MES – 6.