Children`s football club "Sevastopol" scored a victory in the tournament "Liga Kosmos CUP-2019" (PHOTO)

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The Republican Open tournament "Liga Kosmos CUP-2019" took place on the fields of sports complex "Arena-Crimea" in Yevaptoriya on April 11 and 12, where children and youth teams of 2010 year of birth took part. 8 teams from different regions of peninsular took part in the tournament. There are FC "Sugdeya" (Sudak city), Children and youth`s club of physical training of Kerch city, Children and youth`s sports school of Yevpatoriya, Children and youth`s football club "Tyumen" (Simferopol), Children and youth`s center of sport "Miskhor" (Yalta), "Tavriya" sports school №3 (Simferopol), Children’s football club "Sevastopol" and "Incomsport" (Simferopol).

The teams were divided into two groups by lot, the winner of it came to the final, and the teams which took second places, played for 3rd place match.

Children’s football club "Sevastopol" (Aleksandr Guiganov coach) celebrated the victory at the end of the tournament, having won from "Incomsport", Simferopol (Aleksandr Dedov coach) with the score 3:1 in final game.

The team of Children and youth`s football club "Tyumen" from Simferopol overplayed in stiff fight Children and youth`s sports school of Yevpatoriya with the score 2:1 in duel for third place.

The closing ceremony of the tournament was on the Cosmonautics Day, where took part the Head of Youth football Committee of the CFU Gennadiy Sapozhnikov and representatives of the Russian Space Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Dmitriy Shugalei and Major Andrey Artiukh. The cups, care statuettes and diplomas were presented to the winners and prize-winners of the tournament.

Ivan Bogdanov was recognized as the best player of the "Liga Kosmos CUP-2019" tournament (Children’s football club "Sevastopol"), Ismail Iakubov ("Incomsport") is the best forward, Kirill Lukianov (Children and youth`s football club "Tyumen") is the best defender, Roman Gashuliak (Children and youth`s club of physical training, Kerch city) is the best goalkeeper, and Stefan Koval (Children and youth`s sports school of Yevpatoriya) became the best goalscorer of the tournament.

Gennadiy Sapozhnikov, the Head of Youth football Committee of the CFU:

"The football players of the youngest age category competed in the tournament "Liga Kosmos CUP-2019", and on the ground of the competition will be formed combined team of Crimean Republic and Sevastopol city of 2010 year of birth, which will take part in the X international Youth Football Tournament in Estoril, Portugal. The coaches reviewed and noted talented boys at the tournament, who was traying to amaze not just the mentors of the team but also huge number of supporters".

The tournament "Liga Kosmos CUP-2019" was organized by the Crimean football union.