Open Republican tournament "Crimean spring" among children and youth`s teams took place in Crimea (PHOTO)

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Matches of the Open Republican tournament "Crimean Spring" were played from March 8 to March 11, 2018 in Crimea. This is the first competition conducted within the framework of the Children and Youth`s Football Year in the Republic of Crimea.

Children and youth`s teams of 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 years of birth played in the tournament.

The first tournament matches were played on March 8 in Simferopol. Eight teams fought for trophies in the age group "2007 year of birth". Young football players from Yevpatoriya Youth Sports School won bronze medals at the end of tournament, defeated Simferopol "Spartak Krymteplitsa" sports school of Olympic reserve in the third place match with the score 2:0. And Children and youth`s sports school №3 "Tavriya" from Simferopol (coach Aleksander Kundenok)  confidently won from their coevals from sports school Saky with a score of 5:0 in the final match, and thus became the tournament winner in her age category.

12 teams took part in the "2008 year of birth" age category matches on March 9, in Kuibyshevo urban type settlement, Bakhchysaray district. Here the tournament winners were the pupils of Simferopol Children and youth`s sports school №6 "Tavriya" (coach Andrey Cheremisin), won from opponents from Simferopol "Incomsport" with a score of 5:0 in the final match. Sevastopol CSKA beat opponents from Saky city "Dynamo" with the same score in the duel for third place.

Young players competed in the category "2009 year of birth" in Yevpatoriya on March 10. The largest number of teams played in this age category – 16, which were divided into 4 groups. The victory was celebrated here by Sevastopol CSKA (coach Aleksandr Guiganov), having won from Simferopol "Incomsport" with the score 1:0 in the final game. Children and youth`s sports school №6 "Tavriya" from Simferopol overplayed Dzhankoi "Avangard" Children and youth`s sports school №6 with a score of 2: 0 in the duel for third place.

Competitions in the age category "2010 year of birth" were on March 11 also in Yevpatoriya. Simferopol "Tyumen" and "Incomport" from Kuibyshevo, Bakhchysaray district match came together in the final match. "Tyumen" achieved minimal victory with a score of 1:0 in a wrestle (coach Iurii Olianin). And Children and youth`s sports school "Avangard" Dzhankoi overplayed Children and youth`s sports school of Yevpatoriya in the duel for third place in the post-match shootout – 2:1.

Winners and prize-winners were awarded by medals and cups after each stage of the tournament, all tournament participants received memorial souvenirs.

Iurii Vetokha, president of the Crimean football union:

"It is very nice that the youngest footballers took part in the tournament, including from the not very football regions of the Crimea. Teams from Krasnoperekopsk, Armiansk, Razdolnoe, where absent due football infrastructure, enough football fields for the smallest football players.

It is nice that lot of parents came who saw with their own eyes fervor and spirit their children are fighting on the football field. All the teams had a beyond desire to win, boys show extreme devotion already at that age.

I would like to mark the leaders of sports facilities in Simferopol, Kuibyshevo and Yevpatoriya, who made a great job to held competitions at a high organizational level. I think that this spring tournament will become traditional. There is always a large number of holydays in March, and teams need a competitive experience, especially Children and Youth’s Football League of Crimea championship is resumed only at the end of March.

There are a lot of gifted young players in the Crimea who need to give attention. There are 10 to 20 players in each age category who can potentially become participants of various football teams and worthily represent Crimea at the highest level competitions".

The medical support of the tournament is provided by the Crimean regional branch of the All-Russian public volunteer movement in the sphere of health care "Volunteers-medics".

You can find all the results of the of the tournament "Crimean Spring" matches at special section of our site.