FC "Kyzyltash" (Yalta city) – participant of the CFU Premier League Championship season-2017/18

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The participant of the Crimean football union Premier League Championship season-2017/18 was determined on June 13, 2017. It was FC "Kyzyltash" from Yalta city, who won the third place won in the Crimea Open Championship among amateur teams at last season.

FC "Gvardeets" from Gvardeiskoe urban-type settlement, Simferopol district took the first place but refused from promotion, and the second place holder FC "Istochnoe" from Krasnoperekopsk district refused to participate in off games for the right to play in the CFU PL Championship season-2017/18. Both clubs notified the Crimean football union of their decisions in writing.

Thus, according to the Regulations of the CFU Premier League Championship Article 4.8., football club "Kyzyltash" (Yalta city) qualify to participate at third CFU PL Championship.