Four wins of the home teams were fixed in the 14th tour of the CFU Premier League

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The matches of the 14th tour of the Crimean football union Premier League championship, season – 2021/22 were played in the Crimea on November 24.

FC "Sevastopol" confidently won at own field from away team from "Yevpatoriya" – 3:0. Maksim Suprun opened the goal of Yevpatoriya in the second injury minute of the 1st half. Artur Aimetdinov doubled the advantage of "Sevastopol" in the first minute of the 2nd half., and Aleksandr Smirnov made finally assist in this game in the 88th minute.

"Aluston-SCC", Alushta minimally won from "Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray – 1:0. One single ball was scored in this meeting before the finally whistle: Evgeniy Kobzar brought the win to "Aluston-SCC" in the 90+2nd minute.

"Gvardeets" from Skvortsovo hugely won from "Ocean", Kerch at own field – 4:1. Igor Dudov from "Gvardeets" opened the score in the 39th minute. But Ilia Zinchenko from Kerch restore the balance before the half-time, scored from penalty in the 45th minute. The game was played with a significant advantage of the home team in the second half, who managed to hit the rival`s goal three more times. Aslanbek Sikoev, the best goalscorer of the championship brought ahead "Gvardeets" from penalty in the 57th minute, after that Igor Dudovscored twice (72nd and 76th minutes), made in this duel hat trick.

And 14th tour closed by match in Simferopol, where "TSK-Tavriya" smashed "Rubin Yalta" – 4:0. Dmitriy Ivanov brought ahead "Tavriya" in the 1st minute of the match. Artem Zabun made a "double" in the 10th and 44th minutes, and Andrey Sidenko finished the defeat of Yalta in the 87th minute.

"Sevastopol" leads for the one tour before the finish of the first part of the CFU PL championship – 2021/22 – 31 points, "TSK-Tavriya" has in one point less on its asset. Then goes "Gvardeets" and "Yevpatoriya" – by 19 points, "Aluston-SCC" – 15, "Kyzyltash" – 14, "Rubin Yalta" – 11, and "Ocean" closes the standings with 9 points.

The finally tour of the summer-autumn part of the CFU Premier League championship will be on Sunday, November 28. There will play within framework of 12th tour: "Sevastopol" – "TSK-Tavrya", "Kyzyltash" – "Yevpatoriya", "Gvardeets" – "Rubin Yalta" and "Aluston-SCC" – "Ocean". All matches will start at 14 o’clock.