The matches of the 11th tour of the CFU Premier League championship took place (PHOTO)

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The matches of the 11th tour of the Crimean football union Premier League championship were played in the Crimea of Wednesday, November 3.

FC "Sevastopol" – the leader of the championship was hosted in Alushta by local "Aluston-SCC". The fight didn’t happen in this match, Sevastopol confidently won from the rival. Dmitriy Matvienko from Sevastopol opened the goal of the rival from penalty in the 11th minute. Vladislav Tsoi doubled the away team advantage in the 40th minute. Three balls visited the goal of Alushta in the second half. Artur Aimetdinov made a "double", scored in the 49th and 67th minutes, one more ball scored Matvey Guiganov (from penalty in the 87th minute). Alulshta scored only twice: "double" on the asset of Timur Shadrin (80th and 89th minutes). As result 5:2 – more then confident win of "Sevastopol".

"Rubin Yalta" peacefully drifted apart with "Ocean" Kerch. All main events of this match had happened in the second half. Kerch was in numerical disadvantage in the 52nd minute – Kirill Borodin left the field ahead of time for the second caution. But it didn’t inhibit "Ocean" to go ahead: Ilia Zinchenko distinguished himself by effective shot in the 71st minute. Yalta could equalize the score after 10 minutes, but Ruslan Suanov didn’t convert a penalty. But the same Suanov proved himself in the right, equalized the score in the 3rd minute of the injury time to the second half. As result a draw – 1:1.

FC "Yevpatoriya" met with "Gvardeets", Skvortsovo at native walls. Dliaver Nuritdinov opened the score of the game from penalty in the 41st minute. Iaroslav Udin increased the advantage of home team in the first minute of injury time to the half. Aslanber Sikoev made up a goal deficit of "Gvardeets" in the 59th minute, but Udin made on this asset a "double" after two minutes. The finally assist of this match made Sikoev, made up a goal deficit to the minimum in the 73rd minute, thus made a "double". 3:2 – "Yevpatoriya" wins.

And "Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray was hosted in Simferopol by local "TSK-Tavriya". Aleksandr Borisov from "Tavriya" opened the score in the 49th minute. Artem Zabun increased the gap of Simferopol after seven minutes left. Viacheslav Purak won back one goal in the 65th minute. The score on the board didn’t change at the rest of the time – 2:1, "TSK-Tavriya" won.

The situation in the standings didn’t change after the matches of the 11th tour. "Ssevastopol" is leading – 25 points, "TSK-Tavriya" is on the second line – 24 points, "Yevpatoriya" is on third place – 19 points. Then goes "Kyzyltash" – 14, "Gvardeets" – 13, "Aluston-SCC" – 12, "Ocean" – 9, "Rubin Yalta" – 8.

The forward of "Gvardeets" Aslanbek Sikoev improved his position in the rase of goalscorer – 7 goals, Iaroslav Udin and Dliaver Nuritdinov have by 5 balls on their asset.

Now there is a short pause in the championship, due to performances of a number of football players of the CFU Premier League in the tournaments of the National Student Football League.

The championship will be resumed by the matches of the 13th tour, it will be on November 20. At this day will play: "Ocean" – "Sevastopol", "Aluston-SCC" – "Gvardeets", "Rubin Yalya" – "Kyzyltash" and "Yevpatoriya" – "TSK-Tavriya".

The matches of the 12th tour of the CFU PL were rescheduled on November 28.