10th tour of the CFU Premier League: "Sevastopol" and "TSK-Tavriya" broke away from chasers

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The matches of the 10th tour of the Crimean football union Premier League championship, season 2021/22 were held on Saturday, October 30.

"Gvardeets", Skvortsovo minimally lost to "TSK-Tavriya", Simferopol at own field. Simferopol opened the score in the 14th minute – Artur Zabun distinguished himself. Kirill Plotnikov doubled the advantage of "Tavriya" in second half in the 68th minute. "Gvardeets" managed to reduce the lag in the 90th minute – goal on the asset of Anton Shendrik. As result 2:1 – away win of "TSK-Tavriya".

"Ocean", Kerch and FC "Yevpatoriya" couldn’t to show the strongest. Kerch answered by a well-placed shot made by Anton Sedov (66th minute) to the goal of Iaroslav Udin from Yevpatoriya (56th minute). As result a draw – 1:1.

"Aluston-SCC", Alushta smashed "Rudin Yalta" at own field – 5:1. Everything became clearly in this match already to 14th minute, when 3 unanswered balls visited the goal of Yalta. Dmitriy Manonin opened the score in the 5th minute, Bekhan Usmanov distinguished himself in the 6th, Evgeniy Rafikov made the score devastating in the 14th minute. Alushta scored twice in the second half. Viktor Goltsov was accurate in the 58th minute, and Timur Shadrin distinguished himself in the 89th. Ruslan Suanov made from penalty a consolation goal in the line-up of "Yalta Rubin" in the 85th minute.

"Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray lost to FC "Sevastopol" at native walls. Vladislav Gevlich opened the score in the 10th minute of the match. Aleksandr Cheliadnik increase the advantage of "Sevastopol" after 16 minutes. Vladislav Purak won back one ball in the 53rd minute od second half of the match, but at the rest of the time the score didn’t change – 2:1 – "Sevastopol" wins.

"Sevastopol" is leading after the 10th toue -22 points, "TSK-Tavriya" is on the second position with 21 points, then goes: "Yevpatoriya" – 16 points, "Kyzyltash" – 14, "Gvardeets" – 13, "Aluston-SCC" – 12, "Osean" – 8, "Rubin Yalta" – 7.

The matches of the 11th tour of the CFU Premier League will be on next Wednesday, November 3. There will play: "Aluston-SCC" – "Sevastopol", "Rubin Yalta" – "Ocean", "Yevpatoriya" – "Gvardeets" and "TSK-Tavriya" – "Kyzyltash".