The 4th tour of the CFU Premier League: leaders are losing the points in steps (PHOTO)

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The matches of 4th tour of the Crimean football union Premier League championship, season -2021/22 were played on September 11.

"Gvardeets", Skvortsovo won from FC "Yevpatoriya" at home match – 2:1. Aslanbek Sikoev distinguished himself by a "double" in the line-up of "Gvardeets" (28th and 32nd minutes). Evgeniy Kharchenko made consolation goal for "Yevpatoriya" in the 84th minute.

"Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray dispersed peacefully with "TSK-Tavriya", Simferopol at own field – 1:1. Home team opened the score in the 17th minute, when Vladimir Iatsuk made an accurate shot from penalty. Simferopol won back in the 62nd minute – Kirill Klysha distinguished himself.

"Ocean", Kerch was stronger than "Rubin Yalta" at own walls – 2:0. Both balls were scored at the end of the match. Alan Koroev opened the goal of Yalta in the 83rd minute, and Nikita Nikitenko doubled the advantage of Kerch after three minutes.

And perhaps, the most sensational result was fixed in Sevastopol. FC "Sevastopol" minimally lost to "Aluston-SCC", Alushta at native stadium – 0:1. One single ball was scored by David Okropiridze in this match in the 49th minute. Let us note, that Alushta played in numerical minority from 69th minute – Viktor Goltsov was suspended from the field for second caution.

"Sevastopol" and "Yevpatoriya" continues to lead after the matches of the 4th tour – by 9 points. "TSK-Tavriya" is on third place – 8 points, then goes "Ocean" and "Gvardeets" – by 6 points, "Aluton-SCC" is on sixth position – 5 points. "Kyzyltash" and "Rubin Yalta" are closing the standings – scored by 1 point.

The first matches of the CFU Cup quarterfinal will be play on next Wednesday September 15. There will meet: "Kyzyltash" – "Ocean", "Gvardeets" – "TSK-Tavriya", "Yevpatoriya" – "Sevastopol" and "ALuston-SCC" – "Rubin Yalta". All games will start at 16 o’clock.

And matches of the 5th tour of the CFU Premier League will be on Monday, September 20. There will play: "Yevpatoriya" – "Kyzyltash", "Rubin Yalta" – "Gvardeets", "Ocean" – "Aluston-SCC" and "TSK-Tavriya" – "Sevastopol".