PFC "Yalta" won from "Kyzylyash" in the first qualifying match

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The first qualifying match for the right to participate in the Crimean football union Premier League championship, season 2021/22 was held in Yevpatoriya on the field of the sports complex "Arena-Crimea" on June 17.

The representative of the Crimean Open Championship PFC "Yalta" hosted the team from the CFU Premier League – "Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray. The nominal home team opened the score in the 24th minute after a shot by Aleksander Zhabokritskiy., the Bakhchysaray managed to restore the balance at the beginning of the second half – Denis Malyshev scored an effective blow in the 50th minute. But Kyzyltash failed to keep the draw – Zhabokritskiy scored a double from the penalty spot in the 69th minute. As result, 2:1 – "Yalta" wins.

The return leg will be on Monday, 21 June. The match will take place on the field of the sports center "Skif" in Novopavlovka and will start at 18:00.