First part stats result of the CFU PL championship – 2020/21

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The first part of the Crimean football union Premier-League championship season-2020/21, which started on September 26, 2020, was ended on December 21. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the first two rounds of the championship passed in short dates – teams played often 2-3 matches a week.

Traditionally, 56 matches were played in the first part of the championship. Of those, only 6 games played a draw, only one ended with a goalless score: "Ocean" – "Kyzyltash" in the 5th tour. Teams gained 30 wins at home and 20 wins in away.

During 56 duels were scored 179 goals, the average match effectiveness– 3,2 goals.

15 penalties were awarded in the duels of first part of the championship season -2020/21, and only 5 of them players could not to implement. The teams scored 101 goals at home, away – 78.

270 yellow cards were shown to the players for 14 played tours. (an average of 4,82 warnings for the match). The greatest number of cautions was shown to the players for a rough game – 109 cards, for a bad sportsmanship – 104 cards, for a broke an advanced attack – 52, for systematic infringement of the laws of the game – 3, two yellow cards were shown for feigning. One yellow card was shown to football player out of the field during the game.

Player from "Ocean", Kerch, Dmitriy Dontsov saw most of all yellow cards in front himself -8.

As for sending from the field, 12 red cards were shown, 4 of them for a broke an advanced attack, by 2 – for violent behavior, depriving an opponent of a clear scoring opportunity and for bad sportsmanship. By 1 red card was shown for rough play and for feigning.

8 red cards were shown by referees for repeated offences (two yellow cards).

The first part CFU PL championship matches were attended by 4 678 supporters. Such low attendance of the games is due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the games of FC "Sevastopol" took place with empty stands, and due to the lack of stands in the Kuibyshevo urban-type settlement, Bakhchysaray "Kyzyltash" holds its home meetings without supporters.

The championship goalscorers list are headed by midfielder of "Sevastopol" Artur Aimetdinov. 13 scored balls in his asset, 1 was made by him from penalty. Aleksey Babyr, forward of "Krymteplitsa" is on the second position in the goalscorers race – 10 goals (all from the game).

11 referees conducted the first part championship matches as the chief arbitrators. Iurii Volkov (Simferopol) and Aleksandr Kreshchik (Saky) conducted by 6 games. Iurii Volkov from Simferopol showed more yellow cards than others – 30. Aleksandr Kreshchik (Saky) and Oleg Lapishko (Simferopol) showed by 29 yellow cards. Let us note, that referee Aleksandr Kreshchik from resort-city is leading by suspension quantity of players from the field, shown 3 red cards to football players. (2 – for repeated offences).