"TSK-Tavriya" – "Sevastopol" and three more matches of the 13th tour of the CFU Premier League will be played on Sunday, December 13

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The matches of the 13th tour of the Crimean football union Premier League championship, season -2020/21 will be on Sunday, December 13. The games will be in Kerch, Bakhchysaray district and Yevpatoriya. Let us note, that all duels will start at 14 o’clock.

"Ocean", Kerch will host "Krymteplitsa" from Molodezhnoe at own field. Kerch went down to the penult last line of the standings after the lost in three last matches, and Molodezhnoe is on the second place and fights for the leadership. The game "Ocean" – "Krymteplitsa" will be on the stadium n.a. 50th anniversary of October. The teams will be judged the referee Dmitriy Ponomarenko from Dzhankoi.

"Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray will play with "Gvardeets", Skvortsovo in Kuibyshevo. Both rivals achieved the win in the last tour. Bakhchysaray won from "Ocean" 2:1 in the stressful match, and "Gvardeets" minimally won from "TSK-Tavriya" – 1:0. The game "Kyzyltash" – "Gvardeets" will be on the field of sports complex "Incomsport". The referee of this match is appointed Aleksey Polianin from Simferopol.

"TSK-Tavriya", Simferopol will host the sole leader of the championship – FC "Sevastopol" in Novopavlovka. Simferopol broke its winning streak of five match, lost to "Gvardeets" in the last tour. And Sevastopol, on the contrary, prolonged its winning streak of 5 matches, smashed "Yevpatoriya" with the score 4:0. Crimean derby between "TSK-Tavriya" and "Sevastpol" will be on the field of sports center "Skif". This game will be conducted by referees’ team led by Oleg Lapishko from Simferopol.

FC "Yevpatoriya" will measure its strength with "Favorit-VD Kafa", Feodosiya at own stadium. Both teams hugely lost in the last tour: Yevpatoriya – to "Sevastopol", and Feodosiya – to "Krymteplitsa". "Yevpatoriya" scored 15 points and is on the fourth line of the standings, and "Favorit" holds last place. The game "Yevpatoriya" – "Favorit-VD Kafa" will be on the field of sports complex "Arena-Crimea". The referee of this match will be Aleksandr Kreshchik from Saky city.

All matches of the 13th tour are scheduled to show in live broadcast on the official Crimean football union website.