The 9th tour of the CFU Premier League: "Krymteplitsa" lost to "TSK-Tavriya", and "Sevastopol" smashed "Gvardeets" (PHOTO)

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The matches of the 9th tour of the Crimean football union Premier League championship, season-2020/21 were played on November 21.

"Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray lost to FC "Yevpatoriya" at own field. Home team was the ahead the score firstly, after will placed shot of Andrey Mamatiuk in the 10th minute of the game. Yevpatoriya won back in 10 minutes – Dmitriy Popovich distinguished himself. Andrey Sidenko brought ahead "Yevpatoriya" from penalty after seven minutes later. Iaroslav Udin increased the advantage of Yevpatoriya at the beginning of second half, thus set finally score – 3:1.

"Favorit-VD Kafa", Feodosiya couldn’t to resist anything to "Ocean", Kerch at own walls, having lost with devastating score – 1:5. Boris Gogichaishvili distinguished himself by a double in the line-up of Kerch, Dmitriy Dontsov and Timur Shadrin made by goal each. Asan Muslimov made own goal on his passive in "Favaorit", and single ball on the count of Sergey Avramenko.

"Sevastopol" devastated away team from "Gvardeets", Skvortsovo at own field in central match of the tour – 4:1. Midfielder of "Sevastopol" Artur Aimetdinov made a hat trick in this match, Aleksey Tkach made one more ball for Sevastopol. One goal on the asset of Egor Poddiachiy in the line-up of "Gvardeets".

And metropolitan "TSK-Tavriya" got third win in a raw, won from leader of the championship – "Krymteplitsa" from Molodezhnoe with minimally score 1:0 for this time. Anton Monakhov scored a ball in the line-up of "Tavriya" in the 38th minute.

"Krymteplitsa" continues to lead after the games of the 9th tour – 21 points. "Sevastopol" came closer to "Teplitsa" – 19 points and has extra game. "Gvardeets" holds the third line – 14 points. Then goes: "Yevpatoriya" (12), "Ocean" (11), "TSK-Tavriya" (9), "Kyzyltash" (8) and "Favorit-VD Kafa" closes the standings – 7 points.

The matches of the 10th tour of the CFU Premier League will be on Wednesday, November 25. There will play "Gvardeets" – "Favorit-VD Kafa", "Ocean" – "Yevpatoriya", "Kyzyltash" – "TSK-Tavriya" and "Krymteplitsa" – "Sevastopol".