The 19th tour of the CFU Premier League: "Sevastopol" stronger than "TSK-tavriya", and "Krymteplitsa" devasting won from "Ocean" (PHOTO)

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The matches of the 19th tour of the Crimean football union Premier League championship, season-2019/20 were played at the peninsular on Saturday, July 11.

"Favorit-VD Kafa", Feodosiya was hosted in Yevpatoriya by the same named club. Result of this match was decided by two scored balls made by Nikolay Khomich the forward of "Yevpatoriya", he distinguished himself in the 35th and 60th minutes. As result 2:0, the leader of the championship wins.

"TSK-Tavriya", Simferopol hosted FC "Sevastopol" in the central match of the tour. The club from Simferopol was first ahead the score: Igor Chembarov distinguished himself in the 10th minute. But the away team m anaged to won back in the 33rd minute, after accurate hit made by Andrey Kiva. Sevastopol sent two more goals to the goal of "TSK-Tavriya" in the second half. Aleksandr Smirnov was accurate in the 57th minute, and ex-player of "Tavriya" Zakhar Tarasenko made finally assist in this opposition in the 82nd minute – 3:1, "Sevastopol" wins.

"Incomsport", Yalta met with "Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray in the Kuibyshevo urban-type settlement, Bakhchysaray district. The away team opened the score in the 43rd minute – Anton Shevchuk has a ball on his asset. Vladislav Aleksin doubled the advantage of "Kyzyltash" in the 65th minute. But Yalta managed to won back. At first Timur Shadrin made up ground in the 67th minute, and Dmitriy Ivanov wiped out a goal deficit in the 84th minute. As result battling draw – 2:2.

And really scoring extravaganza had happened in Agrarnoe urban-type settlement, "Krymteplitsa", Molodezhnoe played with "Ocean", Kerch. Vladimir Sychevoi brought "Krymteplitsa" ahead in the third minute. Kerch wiped out a goal deficit in the 30th minute – goal on the asset of the Oleg Pliev. "Teplitsa" managed to sent five more balls to the goal of "Ocean" in the second half. Vladimir Sychevoi made a hat trick, Nikita Filatov and Roman Zasukov made by the goals on their asset. Dmirtiy Bubenin from Kerch sent one more ball to his own goal. 6 :1 – devasting win of "Krymteplitsa".

"Yevpatoriya" (50 points) is ahead of the standings after the matches of the 19th tour, "Krymteplitsa" is on the second line (37 points), then goes "TSK-Tavriya" (32 points), "Sevastopol" (31), "Kyzyltash" (27), "Ocean" (14), "Favorit-VD Kafa" (11) and "Incomsport" (11).

The first semifinal matches of the CFU Cup will be on next Wednesday, July 15. There will play: "Yevpatoriya" – "Incomsport" and "Sevastopol" – "Krymteplitsa".

And next 20th tour of the CFU Premier League championship will be of Sunday, July 19. There will play: "Kyzyltash" – "Krymteplitsa", "Yevpatoriya" – "TSK-Tavriya", "Favorit-VD Kafa" – "Ocean" and "Sevastopol" – "Incomsport".