The 26th tour of the CFU PL championship: the comebacks of "Sevastopol" and "Ocean", the work wins of "TSK-Tavriya" and "Krymteplitsa" (PHOTO)

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The matches of the 26th tour of the Crimean football union Premier League championship were on last Sunday. Reporting tour was wealthy on goals: 20 balls were scored in four duels, it was absolutely record result of current season.

The real football thriller had happened in Novopavlovka, local "Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray met with FC "Sevastopol". The field owners team was ahead with the score 3:0 in the 14th minute, but managed to lose its advantage and in match in result. Anton Shevchuk brought "red-white" forward in the 2nd minute, Aleksey Tkach doubled the advantage of field owners 6 minutes later, and Shevchuk made a double in the 14th minute. The players of "Sevastopol" managed to show character and will to win, in the losing match 3:0. The wards of Anatoliy Gudzikevich won back before the half-time. Sergey Shestakov the player of "Kyzyltash" distinguished himself by own goal in the 26th minute, Redvan Osmanov scored in the 34th minute, and Andrey Kiva made a score draw in the last minute if the first half. The teams played carefully in the second half, but Sevastopol made two more goals in to the goals of Bakhchysaray: Redvan Osmanov made hat trick, having scored in the 78th and 80th minutes. The defender of "Sevastopol", Oleg Solovich was substituted in the injury time and achieved two yellow cards (ahead of time left the field) and penalty to the goals of his team. But forward of "Kyzyltash", Aleksey Kashtanov didn’t convert the penalty in the last injury minute. As result the match ended by will win of "Sevastopol" with the score 5:3.

"Incomsport", Yalta hosted "Ocean", Kerch in Yevpatoriya. The situation developed interesting and unpredictable in this match. The home team was ahead in the score in the 14th minute after well-placed shot made by Vladislav Tsoy. Igor Rogovanov doubled the advantage of "Incomsport". Kerch won back one ball in the injury time of first half: Ruslan Zinchenko distinguished himself in the 45+1st minute. "Ocean" not just equalized the score in the second half of the game but managed to win. Nikita Filatov restored status quo in the 59th minute, and Iakov Erlikh brought important win to "Ocean" from penalty in the 74th minute – 3:2.

The match in Simferopol wasn’t less dramatic, where local "TSK-Tavriya" played with FC "Yevpatoriya". Simferopol made more than comfortable advantage for itself, was ahead with the score 3:0: Zakhar Tarasenko distinguished himself in the 37th minute, Stanislav Pechenkin score in the 47th minute, Remzi Ramazanov distinguished himself in the 79th minute. But the advantage in three balls didn’t let "Tavriya" to led calmly the match till the win. Nokilay Khomich won back one ball in the 76th minute, and he made a double from penalty in the 90+3rd minute. "Yevpatoriya" players simply did not have enough time for more. Nonsimple win of "TSK-Tavriya" as result – 3:2.

The 26th tour was ended by a match in Agrarnoe urban-type settlement, Simferopol, where "Gvardeets" hosted "Krymteplitsa". All major and important events of this game were in the second half. Molodezhnoe opened the score in the 61st minute after a goal made by Rollan Pogoreltsev. Maksim Prokhodnoy doubled the score in the 73rd minute. The substituted midfielder of "teplitsa" Marat Buraev saw in front of himself red card for the hit of rival in face in eight minutes before the end of the regular match time. "Krymteplitsa" brought this game to win, despite the numerical disadvantage – 2:0.

There is next situation in the standings in two tours to finish the championship. "Sevastopol" and "TSK-Tavriya" is leading (by 48 points), "Krymteplitsa" is on the third place (45), "Yevpatoriya" holds the fourth position (35), "Ocean" rose to the fifth line (34), "Incomsport" is on the sixth place (31), the seventh position is for the "Kyzyltash" (30 points), and "Gvardeets" closes the standings (19 points). The one from the bottom, 27th tour of the CFU PL championship – 2018/19 will be on Saturday, May 25. There will play: "Kyzyltash" – "TSK-Tavriya", "Yevpatoriya" – "Gvardeets", "Krymteplitsa" – "Ocean" and "Sevastopol" – "Incomsport". All matches of the 27th tour will start at the same time – 18 o’clock.