The matches of the 21st tour of the CFU Premier League championship will be on next weekend

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The games of 21st tour of the Crimean football union Premier League championship will be in Crimea on April 13 and 14. The matches will be in Bakhchysaray district, Yevaptoriya and Simferopol.

One duel will be on Saturday, April 13. "Kyzyltash", Bakhchysaray will meet with "Incomsport", Yalta in Novopavlovka. The club from Bakhchysaray continues to fight for saving the place at the Premier League, has quite comfortable break-away in 8 points from last place of "Gvardeets" . And team from Yalta shows great game in the spring part of the season. The wards of Yury Svirkou rose to the second line of the standings after 4 winning series in a row and seriously claim for the prize-winning places. "Kyzyltash" and "Incomsport" met twice in the CFU PL championship and Yalta’s team won both times. The match of 21st tour "Kyzyltash" – "Incomsport" will start at sports complex "Skif" at 16 o’clock and will be judged by referees’ team led by Bogdan Golovko from Yalta.

Three more meetings are waited by the Crimean football lovers in Sunday, April 14.

"Ocean" will measure its strength with FC "Yevpatoriya" in Yevpatoriya on the field of sports complex "Arena-Crimea". The rivals are going in neighboring positions in the standings at the moment. "Yevpatoriya" scored 25 points and takes 5th place, and "Ocean" locates line lower with 24 points. Yevpatoriya scores 10 points at last five games (3 wins and 1 draw), and club from Kerch goes through hard times: "Ocean" lost four from 5 last matches and only one game reduced to the draw. As for the oppositions head-to-head of "Yevpatoriya" and "Ocean" in the championships under the CFU aegis, it can see parity: each team has 6 wins and two games ended in a draw from 14 played matches. The match "Yevpatoriya" – "Ocean" is entrusted to judge to referee from Simferopol Mikhail Verikovskiy.

The duel in Simferopol will start at 15 o’clock as well, metropolitan "TSK-Tavriya" will host "Gvardeets" from Skvortsovo on "Fiolent" stadium. These rivals met within the framework of return leg semi-final match of the CFU Cup on last Wednesday, where "Gvardeets" got the victory with the score 2:1 and broke into the Cup finale. Simferopol’s club managed to score only two points at last five matches and gave away the leadership at the championship to "Sevastopol", and let to "Incommsport" to get round itself in the standings. And "Gvardeets" has on its passive a four-losing series in a row and tightly settled at the bottom of the standings, having scored only 16 points. Roman Shalverov from Pervomaiskoe is appointed as referee of the match "TSK-Tavriya" – "Gvardeets".

And 21st tour will end with the game in Agrarnoe urban-type settlement, Simferopol, where "Krymteplitsa", Molodezhnoe will host FC "Sevastopol". This match claims for the name of central in the tour. The team from hero-city Sevastopol confidently leads in the tournament standings, has 37 points in the asset, and "Krymteplitsa" holds fourth place in the standings. The lagging from "Sevastopol" is 6 points, besides "teplitsa" has a game in hand. The teams met 10 times in the CFU PL championships: Sevastopol has 6 wins on the asset, "Krymteplitsa" won 2 games and 2 matches ended in a draw.

The duel "Krymteplitsa" – "Sevastopol" will be conducted by the most experienced referee from Simferopol Iurii Vaks. The beginning of the game at 18 o’clock.

All matches of the 21st tour of the CFU Premier League championship will be shown in live broadcast on the official website of the CFU.