Preview of the 15th tour matches of the Crimean football union Premier-League Championship, season-2017/18

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The matches of the 15th tour of the CFU Premier-League championship will be held in Crimea in the upcoming weekend on March 3 and 4 2018.

All clubs participating at CFU PL championship worked fruitfully at the winter training session, within the framework each team conducted a number of friendly matches, including took part in the CFU Open Winter Cup 2018.

March 3, 2018, Kerch city, MSC (Stadium n.a. the 50th anniversary of October). "Ocean" (Kerch city) - "Krymteplitsa" (Molodezhnoe urban-type settlement). 14:00.

The tour program and the third round of the championship will open a match in Kerch, where the local "Ocean" will battle with the "Krymteplitsa" Molodezhnoe. Both rivals are in the neighborhood in the standings: Kerch holds fifth place with 19 points, and "teplitsa" is located above them with 21 points. "Ocean" and "Krymteplitsa" met three times at the current season. A draw (1:1) and home victory of Molodezhnoe team (1:0) were fixed at the CFU PL championship, and recently team from Molodezhnoe celebrated the minimal victory with the score 1:0 in the semi-final of the CFU Open Winter Cup. Match "Ocean" – "Krymteplitsa" will start at 14 o`clock, and teams will be judged by referee team of judges led by Bogdan Golovko from Yalta.

March 3, 2018, Novopavlovka village, sports complex "Skif". "Kyzyltash" (Bakhchysaray city) – FC "TSK-Tavriya" (Simferopol city).16:00.

The second Saturday match will be held in Novopavlovka, Bakhchysaray district. "Kyzyltash" will host Simferopol "TSK-Tavriya" there. The club from Bakhchysaray seriously updated the squad in the winter off-season, and certainly ready to give fight to the metropolitan team, which consolidated by several young performers during the winter break. Teams held two games at first part of the championship, where Simferopol achieved a one hundred percent result, won from Bakhchysaray with a total score 7:2. Both teams changed their mentors in the winter: Vadim Khafizov headed "Kyzyltash", and Anatoly Skvortsov headed "TSK-Tavriya". Meeting "Kyzyltash" – "TSK-Tavriya" will be conducted by the most experienced referee from Simferopol – Anatoly Zhabchenko. Match starts at 16 o`clock.

Two more meetings will be played on Sunday, March 4.

March 4, 2018, Feodosiya city, the stadium n.a. Shaiderov. "Kafa" (Feodosiya city) – FC "Yevpatoriya". 14:00.

"Kafa" will host FC "Yevpatoriya" in Feodosiya city. Both rivals are on the polar positions in the standings: "Yevpatoriya" confidently leads the championship, and "Kafa" at last position with three scored points – eighth place. Feodosiya team got a new head coach in the off-season, who became Vladimir Khodus , also Feodosiya supplemented the team with six new players. As for "Yevpatoriya", the leader of the championship completely almost retained its squad, strengthened only by one performer. Yevpatoriya twice beat Feodosiya at first part of the championship with a total score 7:0. Duel "Kafa" – "Yevpatoriya" is entrusted to conduct referee from Sevastopol to Vladislav Grinchenko. Match starts at 14 o`clock.

March 4, 2018, Sevastopol city, SFC. FC "Sevastopol" – "Rubin Yalta". 16:00.

And match in Sevastopol will close the tour, where the local same named club will host "Rubin Yalta". One of the leaders Andrey Kiva left FC "Sevastopol" in the winter off-season, who transferred to the PFL team of Russia "Kamaz", but at the same time Sevastopol signed midfielder Alan Koroev, who already managed to distinguish himself in matches of CFU Open Winter Cup-2018. And team from Yalta updated the squad almost completely: 10 new performers are registered for "ruby", as well changed the coaching staff. The team from the southern coast of the Crimea was headed by a new chief coach: who became Andrey Dobrianskiy, known for his work in "Krymteplitsa" and "TSK-Tavriya". Game of the 15th tour "Sevastopol" – "Rubin Yalta" will be conducted by Aleksander Ponomarev as the main arbiter from Yevpatoriya. The meeting starts at 16 o`clock.

All matches of the 15th tour of the CFU Premier-League championship will be available in live broadcast on the official website of the Crimean football union.