Finalists of the CFU Open Winter Cup 2018 were determined

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The group stage of the CFU Open Winter Cup 2018 was finished on February 17, where took part 13 teams. Semi-finalists of tournament were determined by results of group matches.

"Ocean" Kerch got to semi-final from A group, won at all three matches. Two teams at once got to 1/2 final from B group: "Krymteplitsa" Molodezhnoe gained the lead (10 scored points), as well FC "Sevastopol" (8 points), became the best club among second place teams. And "TSK-Tavriya" Simferopol got 6 points at 3 played matches and break into semi-final from C group.

Pairs at semi-final matches will be determined by a draw, it will take place at Crimean football union headquarters on February 19.

In order to p.4.1.3 of the CFU Winter Open Cup 2018 Regulations, teams played at same group, will be parted at semi-final matches. Thus, was made two baskets:

1. FC "Ocean", FC "TSK-Tavriya"
2. FC "Krymteplitsa", FC "Sevastopol".

You can watch the draw live broadcast on the official CFU website. Starts at 11 o’clock.

The 1/2 matches will be held on February 20, and final meeting will be on February 23.