Preview of the 11th tour matches of the Crimean football union Premier-League Championship, season-2017/18

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In the coming weekend, on November 4 and 5, will be held the matches of the 11th tour of the CFU Premier-League championship -2017/18 at the peninsula. Games will take place in Feodosiya city, Bakhchysaray district, Simferopol and Sevastopol city.

November 4, 2017. Feodosiya city, the stadium n.a. Shaiderov. "Kafa" (Feodosiya city) – "Krymteplitsa" (Molodezhnoe urban-type settlement). The match starts at 14 o`clock.

In Feodosiya city, the local "Kafa" will host "Krymteplitsa" from Molodezhnoe urban-type settlement at stadium n.a. Shaiderov on Saturday. Feodosiya act, to put it mildly, extremely unsuccessful at recent matches: losing series is already 6 matches in a row. But "Krymteplitsa" also lost at two last tours. The first-round match between these rivals ended with a minimum win of the "agrarians" with a score of 2:1. Game of the 11th tour, which will start at 14 o`clock, will be judged by the referees’ team led by Aleksander Ponomarev from Yevpatoriya city.

November 4, 2017, Novopavlovka village, sports complex "Skif". "Yevpatoriya" – "Rubin Yalta". The match starts at 14 o`clock.

Along with the match in Feodosiya will start a game in Novopavlovka, Bakhchysaray district, where FC "Yevpatoriya" will meet with "Rubin Yalta" in a conditionally away match. Yevpatoriya is in a good mood after a strong-willed victory over "Krymteplitsa" and for sure ready to achieve their 11th victory in the championship in game against outsider. If Yevpatoriya team will prolong its winning series – we`ll find out soon. Match "Yevpatoriya" – "Rubin Yalta" will start at 14 o`clock. The referee of the meeting is Pavel Konovalenko from Bakhchysaray.

November 5, 2017, Simferopol city, STCNT of the CR (stadium "Lokomotiv"). "Ocean" (Kerch city) – "TSK-Tavriya" (Simferopol city). The match starts at 14 o`clock.

Sunday`s program will be opened by the game in Simferopol, where conditional field host Kerch "Ocean" will resist the capital team "TSK-Tavriya". Kerch achieved home draw 1:1 week before in a difficult match against "Sevastopol" and Simferopol won the game from "Rubin Yalta" within their native walls (2:0). "TSK-Tavriya" won from "Ocean" with a score of 2:0 at the championship first-round match. The meeting of these rivals at announced tour will start at 14 o`clock, and the chief referee of the match is appointed Iurii Vaks from Simferopol city.

November 5, 2017, Sevastopol, SFC. FC "Sevastopol" – PFC "Kyzyltash" (Bakhchysaray city). The match starts at 15:00.

And 11th tour will end with a game in Sevastopol, where local same named club will host Bakhchysaray "Kyzyltash". The team from hero-city missed the away victory over "Ocean" (1:1) at last tour in the last minute, and Bakhchysaray confidently dealt with "Kafa" (3: 1) within the home walls. Sevastopol won from "Kyzyltash" with great difficulty at the first-round game 4:3. The match of the 11th tour will start at 15:00, and the teams will be brought out to the field by referee from Kerchcity Denis Korablev.

All matches of the 11th tour of the CFU Premier-League championship will be available in live broadcast on the official website of the Crimean football union.