Results of the 10th tour of the CFU Premier-League championship season-2017/18 (PHOTO)

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The matches of the tenth tour of the Crimean football union Premier-League championship, season-2017/18 were played in the Crimea on October 28 and 29.

On Saturday, October 29, matches took place in Bakhchysaray district and Simferopol city.

Bakhchysaray "Kyzyltash" hosted Feodosiya "Kafa" on the field of the sports complex "Skif" in Novopavlovka. The home team a headed in the count in the 22nd minute: Andrey Mamatiuk well shot from the penalty mark. He doubled the advantage of "Kyzyltash" in the 38th minute. However, Feodosiya’s team managed to win back one ball a few seconds before the half-time – Ivan Mironenko distinguish himself by a goal in the 45th minute. "Kyzyltash" began to play to keep the score at second half, and Feodosiya missed a few correct moments to equalize the score. But one of counterattacks of Bakhchysaray team ended in a goal in the 90th minute in hand of Dmitriy Brovkin. As a result – 3:1, the win of "Kyzyltash".

"TSK-Tavriya" and "Rubin Yalta" met on the field of STCNT of the CR (stadium "Lokomotiv") in Simferopol city. The main events of this match fell on its second half. Simferopol a headed in the count in the 70th minute: Stanislav Pechenkin converted penalty. And Evgeniy Santrapinskikh set the final score in the game four minutes before the end of regular time – 2:0, the win of "TSK-Tavriya".

On Sunday, October 29, matches took place in Kerch city and the suburbs of Simferopol city.

On the Kerch’s stadium n.a. the 50th anniversary of October local "Ocean" hosted FC "Sevastopol". Sevastopol a headed the count already in the 1st minute of the game. Evgeniy Prokopenko distinguish himself by a goal. Sevastopol preserved minimum score advantage till the 82nd minute, when Anton Vinnikov the midfielder of "Ocean" restored balance with a well-placed shot. In the end, a draw – 1:1.

And the central tour match took place in Agrarnoe urban-type settlement, Simferopol city, where "Krymteplitsa" hosted the championship leader – FC "Yevpatoriya". The home team actively started the match, in result scored two goals. Iakov Erlikh brought "teplitsa" forward in the 28th minute, and the Brazilian legionary of "Krymteplitsa" Lucas Brambilla doubled the home team superiority in the 34th minute. But Yevpatoriya won back one ball after three minutes by effort of Nazim Eiupov. "Yevpatoriya" managed to reverse the match course and snatch a victory at second half. At first, Nikolay Khomich made a tie score in the 52nd minute, and after another 10 minutes, Aleksander Borshch brought "Yevpatoriya" forward. "Yevpatoriya" was shorthanded in the 66th minute: Nikolay Khomich saw a direct red card in front of him for bad sportsmanship. As a result, 3:2 – comeback of "Yevpatoriya".

After the 10th tour matches: "Yevpatoriya" continues to lead at standings- 30 points, "TSK-Tavriya" on the second position (26 points), "Sevastopol" at third place – 23 points, "Krymteplitsa" still hold the fourth position (15 points), the same score for the "Ocean" who is going at fifth place. "Kyzyltash" placed at the habitual for it sixth position (11 points), "Kafa" at seventh place (3 points) and "Rubin Yalta" closes the standings (2 points).

Matches of the 11th tour of the CFU PL championship will be held on November 4 and 5. On Saturday, November 4, will play: "Kafa" – "Krymteplitsa" and "Yevpatoriya" – "Rubin Yalta". On Sunday, November 5, will meet: "Ocean" – "TSK-Tavriya" and "Sevastopol" – "Kyzyltash".