Preview of the 5th tour matches of the Crimean football union of the Premier- League championship of the season-2017/18

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The fifth tour matches of the Crimean football union Premier-League Championship, season-2017/18 will be played at the peninsula on September 16 and 17. Games will be held in Bakhchysaray district, Feodosiya city, Sevastopol and Kerch city.

There will be three matches on Saturday, September 16.

September 16, 2017. Novopavlovka village, SFC "Skif". "Kyzyltash" (Bakhchysaray city) – FC "Krymteplitsa" (Molodezhnoe urban-type settlement). The match starts at 16:00.

"Kyzyltash" will host "Krymteplitsa" from Molodezhnoe in Novopavlovka village, Bakhchysaray district on the field of sports complex "Skif". "Kyzyltash" minimally gave up by "Sevastopol" at not simple match in last tour 3:4, and "Krymteplitsa" finally achieved the first victory at the championship on own field, minimally prevailed over "Kafa" 2:1. These rivals met only once at official matches under the CFU aegis: at the CFU Open Winter Cup-2017 "Kyzyltash" lost to opponents with a score of 2:7. The match between "Kyzyltash" and "Krymteplitsa" will be judged by a referee’s team led by Iurii Vaks from Simferopol. The duel starts at 16 o`clock.

September 16, 2017. Feodosiya city, the stadium n.a. Shaiderov. "Kafa" (Feodosiya city) – FC "Rubin Yalta". The match starts at 16:00.

Along with the match in Novopavlovka, there will be meeting in Feodosiya, where local "Kafa" will host "Rubin Yalta" on the stadium n.a. Shaiderov. Both rivals have not scored points yet at the new season: Feodosiya and Yalta lost all matches. And if the Feodosiya fought on equal in the match with "Krymteplitsa" in spite of four defeats and minimally gave up (1:2), the Yalta team did not miss less than three goals per game. Confrontations stats of "Kafa" and "Rubin Yalta" has eight matches, where three meetings were won by the Feodosiya, and Yalta won five duels. The game "Kafa" – "Rubin Yalta" will conducted by a referee from Simferopol, Iurii Volkov.

September 16, 2017. Sevastopol, SFC. FC "Sevastopol" – "TSK-Tavriya" (Simferopol city). The match starts at 16:00.

The central match of the tour will take place in Sevastopol, where will be held the main Crimean derby: FC "Sevastopol" will battle with "TSK-Tavriya" from Simferopol. Sevastopol have a 100% result so far in this season: 4 wins in 4 games and scored 12 points, but Simferopol team won three duel and achieved a draw in one match, and, thus, take third place with 10 points. "Sevastopol" and "TSK-Tavriya" played 9 times against each other at official matches. One victory was celebrated by "Sevastopol", "Tavriya" won three times and as many as five meetings ended in a draw. Let us note that midfielder Stanislav Pechenkin cannot help in this match because of the disqualification.

The central match of the tour "Sevastopol" – "TSK-Tavriya", which will start at 16 o`clock, will judged a referee’s team led by Aleksander Dedov from Bakhchysaray city.

September 17, 2017. Kerch city, MSC- Multifunctional sports complex (Stadium n.a. the 50th anniversary of October). "Ocean" (Kerch city) – FC "Yevpatoriya". The match starts at 16:00.

The final match of the tour will be held on Sunday, September 17. "Ocean" will host one of the leaders of the championship – FC "Yevpatoriya" in Kerch at the stadium n.a. the 50th anniversary of October. Kerch is head of the bottom of the standings after four played matches, and Yevpatoriya  is ahead of FC "Sevastopol" by additional parameters and go to the first place. Matches between "Ocean" and "Yevpatoriya" had not a large number of goals. Both rivals scored only 18 goals for 9 played matches (10 were scored by "Ocean", 8 – "Yevpatoriya"). Kerch won in five games, 3 duels won by Yevpatoriya, another match ended in a draw. Match "Ocean" – "Yevpatoriya" will start at 16 o`clock, and referee from Sevastopol Roman Bohniak will lead out the teams on the field.

All duels of the 5th tour of the CFU Premier-League championship will be available in a live broadcast on the official website of the Crimean football union.