Results of the 4th tour of the CFU Premier-League championship season-2017/18 (PHOTO)

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The fourth tour matches of the Crimean football union Premier-League championship season-2017/18 were played at peninsula on September 9-10. It’s necessary to note that last tour was record by the number of goals for in the season-2017/18: there were 19 scored goals for 4 played games, and the average indice is almost 5 goals per match (4.75).

The fourth tour started in Kerch city, where met "Ocean" and "TSK-Tavriya", but for the team from Simferopol this duel was nominally home. The metropolitan team aheaded in the count in the 32nd minute: Anton Monakhov defender of "Tavriya" joined the attack and opened the gates of the Kerch. And Simferopol team managed to increase the advantage at the end of the first half – Roman Kukharskiy distinguish himself by first goal in line-up of "TSK-Tavriya". Hard as Kerch tries to change the way of the game in the second half, but the score did not change. It should be added that Simferopol played in numerical disadvantage from the 74th minute: Stanislav Pechenkin was sent out of the field for two yellow cards. As a result, the conventional home victory of "TSK-Tavriya" – 2:0.

The second match of Saturday was held in Novopavlovka village, Bakhchysaray district, where "Kyzyltash" hosted FC "Sevastopol". This match kept supporters in suspense almost all 90 minutes of the game. Andrey Kiva from Sevastopol started goal-scoring fairy in the 16th minute, who opened the hosts goal with a classy kick from penalty area. Three minutes later, Redvan Osmanov doubled the superiority of Sevastopol. Bakhchysaray players got one goal in the 37th minute: well-placed shot on asset of Andrey Mamatiuk. But Sevastopol aheaded in the count with two goals in extra-time of the first half: Oleg Solovich signed at the rival’s gate by the 45+1 minute. Bakhchysaray acted more actively in the second half of the game. Dmitriy Zelenkevich made up a deficit of "Kyzyltash" in the 47th minute from the penalty mark but Sevastopol aheaded in the count with two goals in the next attack: Andrey Panych made the score 2:4. Moving away from this development Bakhchysaray managed to show character and won back one ball again: Dmitriy Brovkin distinguish himself by scoring a well-placed shot in the 69th minute. Hard as "Kyzyltash" tried to achieve a draw in the match with the current champion, but supporters did not see more goals at this match. 4:3 – difficult victory of "Sevastopol".

On Sunday, September 10, at two more matches were scored ten more goals. True, the most of them fell on the game in Yevpatoriya city, where the local team of the same name met with an outsider of the tournament – "Rubin Yalta" in conventionally away match. Yevpatoriya started to smash the rival already in the 4th minute: Nikolay Khomich scored.

Dliaver Nuridinov doubled the advantage of his team in the 28th minute, but 4 minutes before the end of the first half, "Rubin" won back one goal thanks to Sergey Dzodziev the most experienced forward. Even before the break, Nikolay Khomich managed to issue a "double", scoring in the 45th minute of the game. The regular penalty shooter of "Yevpatoriya" Dmitriy Matvienko unconverted the 11-meter kick at the beginning of the second half, but after that three more balls visited the gates of the Yalta team. Nazim Eiupov distinguish himself in the 71st minute, Dliaver Nuridinov made a "double" after 10 minutes, and Dmitriy Matvienko rehabilitated for unconverted penalty and set the final score at the last minute of the match: 6:1 – that is more than a jackpot of "Yevpatoriya".

And fourth tour closed the match in Agrarian urban-type settlement Simferopol city, where "Krymteplitsa" hosted one of its most uncomfortable rivals – "Kafa" from Feodosia city. The field owner aheaded in the count in the 16th minute: Iakov Erlikh made a first goal at his new team. But "Kafa" managed to return status quo in the very end of the first half: Georgiy Berezov scoreed a goal. The draw in the match was until the 75th minute, when a penalty was awarded to the away team` gate. Sergey Melnik confidently kick from the "point" and thus brought "Krymteplitsa" the first victory of the new season – 2:1.

After the fourth tour of matches "Yevpatoriya" returned the first line of the standings (though only by the goal difference) – 12 points, the same points for the second place "Sevastopol". "TSK-Tavriya" at the third position with 10 points, the fourth place went to "Krymteplitsa" (5 points), the fifth position with 4 points is occupied by "Ocean", at sixth place "Kyzyltash" (3 points), and in the basement of the standings are still "Kafa" and "Rubin Yalta", which for 4 held matches did not got any points.

Matches of the fifth tour will held next weekend, September 16-17.

On Saturday, September 16, will play: "Kyzyltash" – "Krymteplitsa", "Kafa" – "Rubin Yalta" and "Sevastopol" – "TSK-Tavriya". On Sunday, September 17, there will be one duel: "Ocean" – "Yevpatoriya". Let us note that all matches of the fifth tour will start at one time – 16 hours.