Preview of the 1st tour matches of the Crimean football union Premier-League championship of the season-2017/18

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The matches of the first round the third CFU Premier-League championship will start on August 19-20, 2017.

August 19, 2017. Kerch city, MSC- Multifunctional sports complex (Stadium n.a. the 50th anniversary of October). "Ocean" (Kerch city) – "Krymteplitsa" (Molodezhnoe urban-type settlement). The match starts at 18:00 o’clock.

The opening match will take place in Kerch, where local "Ocean" will host the "Krymteplitsa" on the Multifunctional sports complex field (Stadium n.a. the 50th anniversary of October). The Krymteplitsa won silver medals of the last season championship, and "Ocean" was short of two points to third place. The team from the hero-city registered 20 players for the future championship, and more than half of the team renewed. As for "Krymteplitsa",Artur Olenin became the Head coach at the start of the new season, who was the ex-coach of the "Ocean".

The team from Molodezhnoe registered 21 players at the moment, 11 of them are team newcomers. "Ocean" and "Krymteplitsa" met 4 times at the matches under the aegis of the CFU, Krymteplitsa won three of them, another meeting ended in a draw. Referees team led by Aleksander Dedov from Bakhchysaray will hold meeting of "Ocean" – "Krymteplitsa". The game starts at 18 o`clock.

August 19, 2017. Novopavlovka village, SFC "Skif". "Kyzyltash" (Bakhchysaray city) – "TSK-Tavriya" (Simferopol city). The match starts at 18.00 o’clock.

Another Saturday match will be held in Bakhchysaray district, where the  "TSK-Tavriya" from Simferopol will host newcomer of the championship "Kyzyltash" from Bakhchysaray , on the field of the sports complex "Skif". Metropolitan team ended last season at the unusual for themselves fifth position, and according to the team’s leadership "Tavriya" will arrange only the first place at the new championship. But "Kyzyltash" took the third place at the Crimea Open Championship and joined the ranks of the elite division of the peninsula because of the refusal of "Gvardeets" and "Istochnoe" (these teams took the first and second places accordingly). "TSK-Tavriya" registered 19 performers for the season, 9 of them – newcomers. The mentor of the Simferopol team was replaced also. Now the team is headed by Andrey Dobrianskiy (worked at "Krymteplitsa" previously) however as acting Head coach for the present. As for "Kyzyltash", at the first professional championship for themselves the team will led by Roman Voinarovskiy, who headed "TSK-Tavriya" previously. "Kyzyltash" included 20 players at the registration form for the season. Denis Korablev from Kerch city will hold the match between "TSK-Tavriya" and "Kyzyltash" as the main referee. The meeting starts at 18 o`clock.

On Sunday, August 20, two more matches are waiting for football supporters.

August 20, 2017. Evpatoria, SK Arena-Crimea. FC "Yevpatoriya" – "Kafa" (Feodosiya city). The match starts at 18.00.

The bronze medalist of the last championship FC "Yevpatoriya" will play with "Kafa" from Feodosiya city which finished last season at the sixth line, in Yevpatoriya city on the field of the sports complex "Arena-Crimea". The Yevpatoriya have already opened the new season with match for the CFU Super Cup, where they lost to Sevastopol with a score of 1:3. As for the Yevpatoriya registration form, they almost completely retained their line-up: 22 footballers were registered, and only three newcomers of them. But the Feodosiya team rebuilt their line-up seriously. From the 19 registered players – 13 newcomers. The rivals met 9 times at the matches under the aegis of the CFU. "Kafa" won 4 times, 3 – "Yevpatoriya", two more games ended in a draw. The referee Roman Bokhniak from Sevastopol appointed for the match "Yevpatoriya" – "Kafa". The meeting starts at 18 o`clock.

August 20, 2017. Sevastopol, SFC. FC "Sevastopol"" – "Rubin Yalta". The match starts at 19.00.

And in Sevastopol will take place another meeting of the first tour, where the current champion of the CFU Premier-League FC "Sevastopol" will host "Rubin Yalta", who took seventh place according to the results of the last championship. Sevastopol registered 20 players for the season, among them 3 – newcomers. But Yalta will play almost with new team in the season-2017/18: out of 15 registered players – 13 newcomers. The rivals confrontations stats in the official CFU matches has 9 duels, 6 of which were won by the "sailors" and 3 – Yalta. Referee Roman Matveev from Dzhankoy city will conduct the match between "Sevastopol" and "Rubin Yalta". The match starts at 19 o`clock.