Results of the 28th tour of the CFU Premier-League championship season-2016/17 (PHOTO)

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The second Crimean football union Premier-League championship ended by matches of the 28th tour on June 10.

And if the championship winner and the silver medalist were determined before the finish tour, then the fight for third place turned out to be serious.

The FC "TSK-Tavriya" hosted the FC "Ocean" Kerch city on the field of the STCNT of the CR (the "Lokomotiv" stadium) in Simferopol city. Guests opened the gates of Simferopol by 24th minute into the match: Mikhail Svetozarov distinguish himself by long-range and well-placed shot. But "Tavriya" equalize the score already in the next attack: a goal on the asset of Iaroslav Galenko. "Ocean" did not slow down in the second half and had a few good moments for the goal, but goalkeeper of the "TSK-Tavriya" Viacheslav Bazilevich acted reliably. However, he could not help his team, Igor Zubko pushed the ball into the goal in the 76th minute. 2:1 – away win of the "Ocean".

The local club of Sevastopol already earned the champion title, hosted the game with FC "Yevpatoriya". The team from the resort city made a serious bid to win this match in the first ten minutes. The best sniper of the championship, Dliaver Nuridinov brought out forward "Yevpatoriya" in the 5th minute, and three minutes later Nikolay Khomich doubled the advantage of "Yevpatoriya". Aleksandr Zhabokritskiy from Sevastopol made up a score deficit in the 23rd minute, but the referee appointed a penalty to the goal of Sevastopol in the end of the first half and Dmitriy Matvienko confidently neted a goal. In the first half did not end events, and Evgeniy Prokopenko scored the second goal of Sevastopol in the first extra minute. Teams went to the half-time with a score of 3:2 in favor of "Yevpatoriya". Hard as hero-city did not tries to save the match in the second half, only "Yevpatoriya" scored. Nikolay Khomich made a double in the 49th minute, and Seikhan Aliev made a point at this match in the 76th minute. As a result, devastating win of the "Yevpatoriya" – 5:2, which gained the bronze medals of the championship.

The solemn awarding ceremony of the championship winner took place after the match in Sevastopol, where participated the Crimean football union president mr. Iurii Vetokhs and the CFU General secretary mr. Vadim Kolesnichenko.

FC "Sevastopol" was awarded with gold medals of the championship and got the championship cup from the hands of the CFU president!

Match in Feodosia was dramatic, where met teams directly fighting for the place preservation at the Premier League – "Kafa" hosted "Rubin Yalta". Roman Mikailov brought out Feodosia forward already in the first minute. But the Yalta players performed shock game at end of the first half. At first, Valeriy Makiev regained the status quo in the 40th minute and Vladislav Korzhinskiy made the score 2:1 in favor of "Rubin" at the third extra time minute. "Kafa" was not happy for such progression of event, and wards Anatoly Skvortsova managed to save the match in the second half. Artem Danilenko made up the score deficit in the 52nd minute, and Aleksander Subbotin brought the victory to "Kafa" in the 71st minute – 3:2, thus them managed to catch the saving sixth place at the championship and saved themselves from play-off matches.

And match between "CFU-Bakhchysaray" and "Krymteplitsa" took place in Agrarnoe urban type settlement of Simferopol city. This game took place at the home arena of the "Krymteplitsa" under agreement between the teams. As expected earlier, there was no problem for "Krymteplitsa" in this game. The goal of Sergey Melnik marked the beginning of the "students" defeat in the 33rd minute, which happened in the second half. Doubles of Maksim Prikhodnoy (51st and 53rd minutes) and Aleksey Boiko (59th and 67th minutes), as well as well-placed shot by Iurii Panti in the 76th minute guaranteed the victory of "Krymteplitsa". But we should give to the Bakhchisaray their due, who twice hit the gates of the "Krymteplitsa". Arsen Muratov (55th minute) and Vsevolod Kashlak (87th minute) distinguished themselves by goals. As a result, 6:2 – victory of the "Krymteplitsa".

The solemn awarding ceremony of "Krymteplitsa" was held at the end of this match, they became the owner of silver medals.

The final standings of the CFU Premier League championship looks follow. FC "Sevastopol" (58 points) on the first position, second place for "Krymteplitsa" (57), FC "Yevpatoriya" (48) on the third, "Ocean" (46) on the fourth line. The lower part of the tournament table is headed by "TSK-Tavriya" (43 points), "Kafa" (29) on the sixth place, "Rubin Yalta" (28) occupied the seventh place, and "CFU-Bakhchysaray" (8 points) closes the table.

As a result, "CFU-Bakhchysaray" leaves the CFU Premier League. The  fate of the play-off matches for the right to participate in the next CFU PL championship will be resolved on the next Tuesday, June 13.