Denis Golaido: "I decided to end my career as a football player"

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A less than a week had passed since the Simferopol’s "TSK-Tavriya" began preparations for the new Crimean football union Premier-League Championship. Players started to train after mandatory medical examination, at first in a one-time mode and now also in a two-time mode. However, it was not possible to see the team defender Denis Golaido among those who are engaged with the team now. Press service of the "TSK-Tavriya" asked, how is he getting on?

- Denis, you can`t be seen among those who pass training sessions with the team. What is the reason?

- I carefully thought over everything during the off-season and decided to finish the career of a professional football player.

- What affected on your decision?

- Recently, I had been injured – fracture of two ribs and ankle. I thought over and decided not to undermine my health. I can`t say that it was spontaneously, I was preparing myself for this step for a long time and now I came to the idea that it`s time to finish. And the last injury in the match with "Yevpatoriya" (in the 22nd tour, April 30 – note) became a significant, as they say in such cases. It was time to make a decision.

- Did you confer with your relatives?

- Of course, they supported me. Now I will think about the future.

- By the way, have you already thought about what would you like to do?

- I plan to stay in football, but in what capacity I did not decide yet for myself. Maybe I devote myself with youth football, or I’ll be useful at any administrative position.

- Did not you think to become a head coach of a professional team?

- Definitely not yet, I do not have enough experience for this. If I`ll think about the head coach career, I should start with the basics of the profession and learn a lot, even if I try to become a coach assistant. But anyway I will work at the Crimea.

- Despite the fact that you are no longer with "TSK-Tavriya", how do you think the team will the team play better in the new season than in the past?

- Now there is a process of new team forming and I think they will do them best to show that the fifth place in the last championship is not what the Simferopol’s team deserves. I`m sure, both the guys who played in the last championship and the newcomers of the team who come this summer, will intends to play much better.

- How do you spend the summer, have you rest already?

- Yes, I was already by the sea with relative people. I had a rest in Koktebel, I liked it very much.

- The biggest football event of this summer is the Confederations Cup. Did you manage to watch the tournament matches?

- I did not watch all games, but I managed to see a lot. I liked game of the Chilean team. From the first game I thought they could win the tournament. But the Germans showed very confident football, despite the fact that they arrived with a young team and confirmed the words, that everybody play, but the Germans win.

- Denis, we wish for you well-being and find the right path in your future life.

- Thank you. In my turn, I would like to thank the "TSK-Tavriya" management, all coaches who worked with me during these years, the guys from the team and, of course, the supporters who supported and worried about me throughout my career as a football player.



Denis Golaido. Born on June 3, 1984. Defender. The pupil of the Crimean football – the School of the Olympic reserve (Krasnolese). He debuted at the age of 17 years for the "Tavriya" in the higher league, under Anatoliy Zaiaev wing. He agreed to help the Crimean Tatars team in the tournament of unrecognized countries ELP Cup in 2006. He debuted for the national team on March 26, 2008 in a friendly match arainst the Serbian national team (2-0), where he made an assist for Andrey Shevchenko. He split collarbone on November 2008 at quarterfinal match of the Ukraine Cup against "Metalist" and went out of action until the end of the season. He signed a three-year contract with the "Metalurh", Donetsk city at the beginning of December 2010. He received the status of a "free agent" by mutual agreement with the club upon the expiration of the contract in December 2013. He scored for the TSK a goal in the gate of the Sevastopol SKChF in the debut match of the Crimean football Championship. Ukrainian Cup winner: 2009/10. Played 15 games for "TSK-Tavriya" in the CFU Premier League 2015/16 (14 games in the starting line-up), scored one goal. Played 16 games for "TSK-Tavriya" in the CFU Premier League 2016/17 (15 games in the starting lineup).