"TSK-Tavriya" started training

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The football players of Simferopol "TSK-Tavriya" began to train on July 11. "Tavriya" conducted a training session at the main field of the Sports training center of national teams of the Crimean Republic in the evening, during which they jogged and made a number of physical exercises. This is all without working the ball yet.

The team is in a two-time training mode since July 13 – in the morning also on the field of the STCNT of the CR, and in the evening – on the field of the sports complex "Skif" in Novopavlovka village.

The team scheduled training session also on the "Skif", it will hold from July 21 to August 4. A number of sparring is planned in the framework of the session in addition to the two-time training. Rivals and dates will determine later.

In the near future holding a control game against the newcomer of the Crimean Premier League FC "Kyzyltash" on July 18. The game will take place on the "Skif" field, start approximately at 18 o`clock. We will inform the supporters in advance about possible changes.