Results of the 23rd tour of the CFU Premier-League championship season-2016/17

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In the Crimea took place 3 of 4 matches of the CFU Premier-League championship on May 6. The duel meet between "Yevpatoriya" and "Krymteplitsa" postponed to May 31 because of their participation at final of the CFU Cup (will held on May 9 in Simferopol).

"CFU-Bakhchysaray" hosted the Kerch’s "Ocean" in Novopavlovka village, Bakhchysaray region, on the field of the sports complex "Skif". The home team got an ahead position in the 5th minute of the match: well-placed shot on the asset of Dmitriy Brovkin. But Kerch team wipe out a goal deficit already at the next attack – distinguish himself Vladimir Larionov. Boris Gogichaishvili brought out Kerch forward by 34th minute, and Iakov Erlikh increased the "Ocean" advantage at first minute of extra time of the first half. Kerch football players controlled course of the meeting in the second half and were able to score again. Pavel Grishchenko set the final score in the 73rd minute – 4:1 in favor of the "Ocean". The winning streak of the Kerch team is already 5 matches!

In Feodosiya was a meeting, FC "Kafa" hosted "TSK-Tavriya" at the stadium n.a. Shaiderov coincidentally with the fight in Novopavlovka village. Ruslan Platon brought out the guests forward by the 20th minute, but Denis Goloveshchenko scored at the end of the first half. After a well-placed shot in hand of Alexander Subbotin by the 53rd minute during the second half, the Simferopol team turn out to be in the role of the regaining team. But "TSK-Tavriya" wipe out a goal deficit after a lapse of six minutes. Ruslan Platon get another goal on his account. As a result, a draw, 2:2.

And in Sevastopol city, club of the same-name hosted "Rubin Yalta". The team from the south coast of the Crimea headed count by the 14th minute: confusion at Sevastopol`s redoubt protecting was successfully used by Sergey Dzodziev, the "Rubin" forward who recovered after the injury. The Sevastopol team managed to wipe out a goal deficit by the 30th minute, after well-placed shot by Aleksander Kolesnik. In the second half, "Sevastopol" had several moments to snatch a victory, but matters didn`t come to the decider and well-placed shot. Draw, 1:1.

 "Sevastopol" (48 points) continues to lead after the played matches of the 23rd tour, "Krymteplitsa" on the second line with 44 points, and has a game in reserve. "TSK-Tavriya" on the third place with 40 points, on the fourth place "Ocean" (39 points), on the fifth position "Yevpatoriya" (36 points and 1 game in reserve), "Rubin Yalta" (21 points) continues to hold the sixth place, "Kafa" (20 points) on the seventh line and on the last, eighth place "CFU-Bakhchysaray" with 8 scored points.

The final match of the CFU Cup between "Yevpatoriya" and "Krymteplitsa" will take place in Simferopol on the next Tuesday, May 9. This meeting will hold at the "Fiolent" stadium and will begin at 4 pm.

And the games of the 24th tour will hold on May 13 and 14. "Ocean" – "Sevastopol" and "TSC-Tavriya" – "CFU-Bakhchysaray" will play On Saturday, May 13. Matches of "Kafa" – "Yevpatoriya" and "Rubin Yalta" – "Krymteplitsa" will take place on Sunday, May 14.