18 сентября 2017, 15:39

Results of the 5th tour of the CFU Premier-League championship season-2017/18

Фото: пресс-служба ФК "Севастополь"

The matches of the fifth tour of the Crimean football union Premier-League championship season-2017/18 took place in Crimea on September 16 and 17. Matches were held in Bakhchysaray district, Feodosiya city, Sevastopol and Kerch city.

"Kyzyltash" from Bakhchysaray hosted the "Krymteplitsa" from Molodezhnoe urban-type settlement on the field of the sports complex "Skif". Perhaps because of the hot weather, both teams acted at low speeds at this match, however, goal mouth action appeared quite often. Thanks to a goal scored by Maksim Prikhodnoy the team from Molodezhnoe took the lead position in the 17th minute. Iakov Erlikh doubled the advantage of "teplitsa" by a well-placed shot towards the end of the first half of the match. "Kyzyltash" played a little more active at the second half and in result scored a goal. Aleksey Boiko made up a deficit in the 56th minute. It seemed that the Bakhchysaray could reverse the course of the match, but the more experienced and achieved a teamwork "Krymteplitsa" brought theirs superiority to two goals: Aleksey Tishchenko made finally assist of this game in the 75th minute. 3:1 – the victory of "Krymteplitsa".

"Kafa" hosted "Rubin Yalta" in Feodosiya city on the field of stadium n.a. Shaiderov. There were a minimum of scoring chances in the game of two outsiders, both rivals acted reliably in defense, and rare sallies to the gates had nothing dangerous. However, Feodosiya managed to snatch an important win at the last minute of the match: Georgiy Berezov sent the ball between the gateposts after corner kick. In the end, 1:0 – a minimum victory of "Kafa" and the fifth defeat in a row of the Yalta team.

The central match of the tour took place in Sevastopol, where met FC "Sevastopol" and "TSK-Tavriya" from Simferopol city. Just like in Novopavlovka, rivals acted in average pace during the Crimean derby. The newcomer of the "TSK-Tavriya" Roman Mikailov had a good time to distinguish himself at the lineup of the team, and Andrey Kiva distinguished himself by active work for the Sevastopol. But reliably acted goalkeepers of teams – Sergey Naumenko and Viacheslav Bazilevich. As a result, the supporters did not see goals at this match, a draw – 0:0.

And one meeting was held on Sunday, September 17. In Kerch city, the local "Ocean" hosted the leader of the championship FC "Yevpatoriya" at the Multifunctional sports complex (the stadium n.a. the 50th anniversary of October). After well-placed shot of Dmitry Klochko Yevpatoriya aheaded in the count by the 19th minute. But Kerch managed not only to wipe out a goal deficit even before the break, but got an ahead position. Vladimir Larionov recovered balance in the 26th minute and he also made a "double" after 12 minutes. "Yevpatoriya" had more than one opportunity to snatch a draw at the second half, but the score didn’t change at this match 2:1 – the victory of the "Ocean".

After the fifth tour matches, the tournament table is next. FC "Sevastopol" is leading (13 points), one less point has "Yevpatoriya" on the second place, "TSK-Tavriya" is placed on the third line (11 points), "Krymteplitsa" climbed to the fourth place (8 points), "Ocean" at fifth place with 7 points, the sixth place is still holding by "Kyzyltash" (3 points), "Kafa" has the same number of points on the seventh place, and "Rubin Yalta" closes the standings without scoring points.

Matches of the next sixth tour of the championship will be held on September 23 and 24. On Saturday, September 23, will play: "Ocean" – "Kafa" (the match starts at 15:30) and "TSK-Tavriya" – "Yevpatoriya" (the game starts at 17 o`clock).

On Sunday, September 24, there will be matches: "Rubin Yalta" – "Kyzyltash" (starts at 16 o`clock) and "Krymteplitsa" – "Sevastopol" (starts at 18:00).

Press service of the Crimean football union