14 августа 2017, 18:04

FC "Sevastopol" – the CFU PL Supercup-2017 owner

Фото: Крымский футбольный союз

The CFU Premier League Supercup match took place in Simferopol on August 12, where the nominal field owner FC "Yevpatoriya" (the CFU Cup – 2016/17 owner) hosted FC "Sevastopol" (the CFU PL champion – 2016/17).

Sevastopol opened a score at the very beginning of the match on the 11th minute. Captain of the "Sevastopol" Aleksander Zhabokritskiy ventured to make a long-range shot with 23 meters, and the ball deflected off the Yevpatoriya defender Petr Oparin flew into the net – 0:1.

"Sevastopol" doubled its advantage after another 11 minutes. Aleksander Zhabokritskiy was the goal co-author, who gave a pass to the center of the penalty area, where Andreiy Kiva made a score 0:2 with well-placed shot to the far corner.

"Yevpatoriya" tried to fix the situation after the second missed ball, but before the half-time the score did not change.

The team from the hero-city increased its superiority in the second half debut of the meeting by the 47th minute. Sergey Ferenchak started the attack from his half of the field, gave the pass to the cross to Redvan Osmanov, who took the ball at the goalkeeper`s corner and shot into the far corner. The ball not without a deflection off from Maksim Davidchuk flew into the goal – 0:3.

"Sevastopol" created more than comfortable goal difference, began to act calmly, but the "Yevpatoriya" began to create at the gate of the opponent after several substitutions. Aleksander Zhabokritskiy played by a hand in his own penalty area at the 57th minute, and the referee Iurii Vaks pointed to the "point". Dmitriy Matvienko the regular performer of 11-meter strikes "Yevpatoriya" confidently realized penalty – 1:3.

Yevpatoriya could make up ground to a minimum after the scored goal and several substitutions, but the "Yevpatoriya" players managed to create an offside at the episode where three players running out for one goalkeeper.

Players of "Sevastopol" reliably acted in defense in the future and calmly brought the match to victory – 3:1. Thus, FC "Sevastopol" became the CFU PL Supercup-2017 owner!

The Minister of Sports of Crimea Ms. Elizaveta Kozhicheva and the President of the Crimean football union mr. Iurii Vetokha took part at the post-match teams awarding ceremony. The new gorgeous Supercup of the CFU PL was presented to the winning team!


August 12, 2017. Agrarnoe, Simferopol city. SC "Krymteplitsa". 1200 supporters. Pitch quality – 5. Crimean football union Premier-League Supercup (season 2017)

FC "Yevpatoriya" – FC "Sevastopol" – 1:3


FC "Yevpatoriya": Vitaliy Trotskii, Dmitriy Matvienko, Petr Oparin, Maksim Davidchuk, Artem Kultyshev (Zeki Aliev, 59), Ivan Voitenko, Nazim Eiupov (Dmitriy Klochko, 64), Dmitriy Maskaev (Vadim Avtaev, 46), Aleksandr Borshch (Seikhan Aliev, 52), Dliaver Nuridinov, Nikolay Khomich (Evgeniy Kharchenko, 53).

Chief coach – Vladimir Martynov.


FC "Sevastopol": Sergey Naumenko, Roman Klimentovskiy, Oleg Solovich, Anton Golenkov, Aleksandr Kolesnik, Andrey Kiva, Aleksandr Zhabokritskiy, Sergey Ferenchak (Ilia Kozhemiakin, 69), Andrey Panych (Iurii Pleshakov, 76; Maksim Suprun, 84), Evgeniy Prokopenko, Redvan Osmanov (Denis Shevchuk, 74).

Chief coach – Aleksey Grachev.


Goals: Dmitriy Matvienko, 57 (scored from a penalty) – Aleksandr Zhabokritskiy, 11, Andrey Kiva, 22, Redvan Osmanov, 47.

Yellow cards: Nazim Eiupov, 50, Dliaver Nuridinov, 66 – Andrey Panych, 30, Sergey Ferenchak, 49, Evgeniy Prokopenko, 62.

Referee – Iurii Vaks (Simferopol).

Press service of the Crimean football union