14 июня 2017, 11:10

Stats results of the CFU Premier League Championship, season 2016/17

Фото: Катерина Зоткина

The second of the of the Crimean football union Premier League championship, which started on August 20, 2016, completed on June 10, 2017.

112 matches were played in total. Of those, 19 games played a draw, only 6 were completed with a goalless score. Teams were gained 49 at home and 44 away from home wins. One game ended with a technical win.

During 112 duels were scored 365 goals, the average effectiveness for the match – 3,26 goals. Note that average effectiveness of the season 2015/16 was 2,73 goals per game.

34 penalties were awarded at the of the CFU PL championship matches, season-2016/17, and only 9 of them players could not to implement. The teams scored 192 goals at home, away – 173.

545 yellow cards were shown to the players for 28 played tours. (an average of 4,87 warnings for the match). The greatest number of cautions was shown to the players for a rough game – 303 cards, for bad sportsmanship – 228 cards, for feigning – 5, for breaking an attack 5 cards, for systematic infringement of the laws of the game – 4, and only one yellow card was shown for bad sportsmanship outside the field.

Lenur Akhunov the midfielder "Krymteplitsa" saw most of all yellow cards (11 cards for 26 played matches).

As for sending from the field, 38 red cards were shown, 18 of them for rough play, 15 for bad sportsmanship, 2 cards for foul language and breaking an attack, 1 card was shown for other offence. 28 red cards were shown by the referees for repeated offences (two yellow cards).

Also one red card was shown to a football player outside the field.

Most of all red cards were received by Aleksander Bogach, who played in "Rubin Yalta" and "CFU-Bakhchysaray", "Krymteplitsa" player Stepan Borgun, and "Kafa" footballer Vadim Shevchuk – 2 cards each. Aleksander Bogach is the toughest player of the championship, he received 7 yellow cards for 22 played games, except two reds.

The CFU championship matches season-2016/17 were attended by 100 650 supporters. Absolute leader of match attendance is FC "Sevastopol". Matches with the Sevastopol team participation were visited by 39 820 supporters, at the second place Kerch "Ocean" – 30 400, at the third – FC "Evpatoria" – 26 100.

In the same sequence, the teams also settled on attendance at home matches. Home matches of "Sevastopol" were visited by 25 250 people, "Ocean" – 21 700, "Yevpatoriya" – 12 500.

Dliaver Nuridinov the FC "Yevpatoriya" midfielder won the goalscorers race. On his asset 16 good balls, all balls were scored in the game. "Sevastopol" forward Evgeniy Prokopenko is placed on the second line – 14 goals (1 penalty), "Yevpatoriya" forward Nikolay Khomich and forward of the "Krymteplitsa" Igor Melnik scored by 13 goals.

9 referees conducted the CFU championship matches season-2016/17 as the main arbitrators. Referee Aleksander Ponomarev from Yevpatoriya conducted more games than others (16). Sevastopol’s referees Roman Bokhniak and Vladislav Grinchenko conducted by 15 matches. Sevastopol`s referee Vladislav Grinchenko showed more yellow cards than others – 78. The same Grinchenko showed direct red cards more than others – 3, as many as direct suspensions were recorded by Kerch referee Denis Korablev (12 matches conducted).

Also note, "Krymteplitsa" from Molodezhnoe urban type settlement headed the championship tournament table from 1 to 16 tours. FC "Sevastopol" climbed to the first table line in the 20th tour for the first time in the CFU championship history and did not lose leadership anymore. The team "CFU-Bakhchysaray" was regularly at the last place starting from the 2nd tour of the championship.

The best Goal difference at the "Krymteplitsa" are 31, the worst are minus 75 (!!!) for "CFU-Bakhchysaray".

The best winning series belongs to FC "Sevastopol" – 7 matches in a row. "CFU-Bakhchysaray" has in its passive 2 losing series of 7 matches in a row.

Five football players took part in all 28 matches of their teams.

Dmitriy Matvienko defender of the FC "Yevpatoriya" has a 100% index at this list (28 played games and in all 28 at the starting lineup). Forward of the "TSK-Tavriya" Ruslan Platon at second position – 28 games (26 at the start), forward of the "Krymteplitsa" Igor Melnik at third place – 28 (25), at fourth midfielder of the "Rubin Yalta" Vladislav Korzhinskiy – 28 (24), and at fifth place forward of the FC "Yevpatoriya" Aleksander Borshch – 28 (17).

Press service of the Crimean football union